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[syndicated profile] heidiwaterhouse_feed is Heidi Waterhouse's feed (she's also known as [ profile] wiredferret and [ profile] agilecrafting). She's a technical writer, developer advocate, sf/f fan, crafter, public speaker, feminist, and parent whose thoughts on all of these topics are always worth reading.
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Thanks to [personal profile] bibliofile , who promoted my blog with [personal profile] laurieopal here not too long ago, I now know to post here to tell you all that I've made a feed for Afroculinaria, Michael Twitty's blog about food, slavery, cooking, genealogy, and much more.


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Created a few feeds, presented in reverse alphabetical order:
  • [syndicated profile] unconventional_comic_feed -- UnCONventional, a web comic about fannish conrunners -- posts twice a week

  • [syndicated profile] thisisindexed_feed-- Indexed, a web comic that depicts information mostly in charts and graphs, drawn on an index card -- posts a couple-few days a week

  • [syndicated profile] small_beer_press_feed -- Small Beer Press, Not a Journal -- infrequent posts mostly about Small Beer Press & its authors

  • [syndicated profile] ourbodiesblog_feed -- Our Bodies, Ourselves -- A blog about women's and girls' health, from the nonprofit, public interest organization that brings us the Our Bodies, Ourselves books -- posts randomly, as needed

  • [syndicated profile] librarything_blog_feed-- The official blog of Librarything, the site where you (or your local library) can catalog your books (and movies and music)

  • [syndicated profile] eleanor_arnason_blog_feed -- Eleanor Arnason's web log -- from SF&F author Eleanor Arnason, a retired white woman who thinks about race and class and age and writing

  • [syndicated profile] cypher_of_tyr_blog_feed -- Cypheroftyr blog by Tanya D., fan and gamer and PoC who doesn't put up with much shit

  • [syndicated profile] body_impolitic_blog_feed -- Body Impolitic, a blog by Laurie Toby Edison & Debbie Notkin, two white women who collaborate on projects about bodies and images of bodies -- posts infrequently

Also posted in [site community profile] dw_feed_promo
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If you're interested in desi stuff (sourcelander and/or diaspora):

* [syndicated profile] aerogram_feed: The Aerogram is "a curated take on South Asian art, literature, life and news".
* [syndicated profile] caravanmagazine_feed: The Caravan is an Indian news magazine focusing on long-form narrative journalism.
* [syndicated profile] chapatimystery_feed: Chapati Mystery is a sometimes-group academic blog focusing on South Asian studies.

Scifi/fantasy magazines:

* [syndicated profile] strangehorizons_all_feed: Strange Horizons
* [syndicated profile] mithilareview_feed: Mithila Review
* [syndicated profile] luna_station_mag_feed: Luna Station Quarterly
* [syndicated profile] expandedhorizons_feed: Expanded Horizons

Scifi/fantasy authors:

* [syndicated profile] jo_walton_blog_feed: Jo Walton, known for the "Small Change" series (starting with Farthing), My Real Children, Among Others, and more
* [syndicated profile] ada_palmer_feed: "Ex Urbe" blog by Ada Palmer, known for the "Terra Ignota" series (starting with Too Like the Lightning), Renaissance history, music composition, and more. (It's also worth checking [syndicated profile] crooked_timber_feed because Crooked Timber has hosted book seminars on Palmer's and Walton's work)
* [syndicated profile] mamohanraj_feed: Mary Anne Mohanraj, known for co-founding Strange Horizons, for erotica, and for online and local activism, and more
* [syndicated profile] vajrachandrasekera_feed: Vajra Chandrasekera, known for "Applied Cenotaphics in the Long, Long Longitudes" and other stories, and for critical essays

Scifi/fantasy conventions/related:

* [syndicated profile] wisconblog_feed: WisCon, a feminist scifi convention
* [syndicated profile] con_or_bust_feed: Con or Bust, which helps fans of color get to cons

And: [syndicated profile] cooltools_feed: Cool Tools, a site where people recommend "any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true".
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Hello folks,

I am taking over as the community admin here. Thanks to [personal profile] jamie for a long and awesome tenure! Nothing much is going to change, but I wanted to say something.

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 My new feed as a wheelchair dancer and dances that inspire.  Come check it OUT! 

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Some blog feeds of sci-fi and fantasy authors:

Kameron Hurley
Author of God's War, Infidel, and Rapture, which are the Bel Dame Apocrypha series.
[syndicated profile] kameronhurley_feed

Michelle West / Michelle Sagara
Best known for her Sun Sword series and the 'Cast In' series.
[syndicated profile] michellesagarawest_feed

N. K. Jemisin
Best known for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which is part of the Inheritance Trilogy
[syndicated profile] nkjemisin_feed

Tobias Buckell
Best known for Crystal Rain, Sly Mongoose, and writing several Halo novelizations
[syndicated profile] tobiasbuckell_feed
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Here are two new feeds I started in the past week:

The Jane Dough - news for working women

The Learned Fangirl - Social Media, Online Culture and the Creative Web
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I made and found a bunch of feeds of Draco/Hermione and general Harry Potter feeds from communities on LiveJournal, since written fandom is still pretty squarely centered there. I figured I'd share 'em, in case anyone else found them useful!

Draco/Hermione Communities

[syndicated profile] dramione_feed

Draco/Hermione Monthly Challenges: If you don't have a LJ account, you can vote and participate in these challenges using OpenID by signing into LJ with your Dreamwidth/OpenID account.

[syndicated profile] dramionedrabble_feed

[syndicated profile] dmhg_icontest_feed

[syndicated profile] dmhgchallenge_feed


[syndicated profile] dmhgficexchange_feed

[syndicated profile] dramione_duet_feed

[syndicated profile] dramione_remix_feed

[syndicated profile] dramione_awards_feed

Hawthorn & Vine

[syndicated profile] hawthorn_and_vine_feed - Recent

[syndicated profile] hawthorn_vine_lj_feed - H+V's LJ community

General Harry Potter Communities

[syndicated profile] potterfests_feed

[syndicated profile] crack_broom_feed

[syndicated profile] hp_betas_feed

[syndicated profile] hp_betas_wanted_feed
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Yuletide, the rare and obscure fandoms fic exchange, has just started. Since the official administration community is LJ-only at [ profile] yuletide_admin, I thought it would be a good time to mention that there's a feed at Dreamwidth:

[syndicated profile] yuletide_admin_feed
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I'm itching to see at least two more subscribers to the [syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed I created a few days ago. That's all it will take to get in the top 1000 feeds and be the only My Little Pony related feed in the top 1000. No My Little Pony feeds in the top 1000 on DreamWidth?! The horror!

[syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed is a nice way to brighten up your reading page with breaking MLP news without being quite as frantic as Equestria Daily, so it shouldn't drown the rest of the contributions to your reading page. 8^)

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I created a feed for the new online newspaper that covers online communities. Find it here:
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[syndicated profile] dissertationhaiku_feed

Dissertations are long and boring. By contrast, everybody likes haiku. So why not write your dissertation as a haiku?

Collecting data:
A task Sisyphean, with
mass spec for boulder
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[syndicated profile] delilahdirk_feed: "Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant" by Tony Cliff

The Story

In 19th-century Turkey, an officer in the Janissary army must struggle to repay a brash adventuress for saving his life, even though she was the one who endangered it in the first place. The webcomic unfolds with four or six new pages each Saturday. The number of pages varies each week in service to the story, usually determined by which page would make a more cruel, heart-wrenching cliffhanger.

This reminds me of Tintin and Miyazaki...the illustrations are so beautiful. :D
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Here are some feeds :


[syndicated profile] bigscreenvids_feed : Welcome to big screen vids - your one-stop comm for fanmade movie music videos! This is the place to post your own movie vids or perhaps rec an amazing big screen vid you've seen that you want to share with everyone else =)

[syndicated profile] fanvids_feed : This community was designed as a place for LJ Users to post their video creations from all fandoms.

[syndicated profile] crossover_news_feed : the newsletter for crossover fiction and other crossover fan endeavors on Livejournal.

Stargate / Stargate Atlantis

[syndicated profile] sga_newsletter_feed : This is a daily newsletter for Stargate Atlantis.

[syndicated profile] sga_noticeboard_feed : The "sga_noticeboard" is for announcing any and all SGA stories, vids, and discussion posts; sharing SGA news; and making SGA recs.

[syndicated profile] sga_storyfinders_feed : Looking for a story you can't find or don't remember the title of? Google failing? Got a case of the 'there was this story, with the puddlejumper and there was blood and Ancients and what the hell was it called?' Well, this is the place to come ask and all genres and pairings (slash/het/gen/rps) are welcome. I can't guarantee that we'll be able to answer it, but surely there has to be someone who can point you in the right direction.

[syndicated profile] sgagenrefinders_feed : This is a community for finding SGA stories in a specific genre. If you are looking for recs of SGA stories containing certain elements (such as: stories that take place on Earth, stories where aliens make them do it, stories with a specific kink), this is the place to ask.

[syndicated profile] stargateficrec_feed : This is a well-established community based on the principle of recommending fanfiction for both Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. We pride ourselves on accepting every type of fanfiction, including all tastes. Ship, Slash, Gen... We do our best to accommodate it all.

[syndicated profile] wraithbait_feed : Welcome to Wraithbait, the Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction archive. We accept stories of all types and all pairings pertaining to the show Stargate: Atlantis and are affiliated with the Wraithbait (slash) and Wraithgate (general and het) Stargate: Atlantis mailing lists.

Doctor Who / Torchwood

[syndicated profile] torchwood_three_lj_feed : Torchwood Three is a daily fandom newsletter focusing on Torchwood-related topics and discussions appearing on Live Journal.

[syndicated profile] tw_fictions_feed : The place to post your fanfiction about the BBC's spin off series 'Torchwood'.

[syndicated profile] tw_genrefinders_feed : Our goal here is simple. Match the person to good fic in the genre they are looking for. You want your Jack spanking Weevil fic? Post away. You want your Ianto goes back into time fic? This is the comm for you? You want your Gwen/pterodactyl fic? Umm...ok...ENJOY!

[syndicated profile] tw_storyfinder_feed : Our goal here is simple. Match the person up to the story they're looking for for without cluttering up the other Torchwood communities. Post what you remember of the fic you're looking for and other members will hopefully be able to recognize it and post a link. Do you remember everything about this story except the title? Are you writing something and have a strange case of deja vu? Lost all your bookmarks and can't find that one comfort fic that would make you feel better? This is the place for you.

[syndicated profile] who_daily_feed : Who Daily is a daily fandom newsletter focusing on Doctor Who-related topics and discussions appearing on Live Journal.

[syndicated profile] tw_ffn_feed : - Torchwood entries

Mods: Tag needed : Stargate, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Vids - Thanks a lot.



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