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Hrmm, normally whenever I tweak my AO3 skin, I am like, "Oh yeah, baby, look at that [whatever I changed], so gorgeous." But not so much this time, and I am unsure if it's because I do not like what I changed in general or because I changed the color of something while doing it. (I found some CSS that made it so that the background color of relationship tags didn't also affect the background color of the surrounding spaces and tag separators. And then I changed the background color to something I thought I would like more.)

I'll give it a week or so, and if I am still side-eying things I suppose that means I should change it back.

Is it September already?

Aug. 31st, 2014 10:39 pm
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1) I can tell that I wasn't mistaken in thinking June and July were quiet months and August has gotten busy -- at least if my recent posts are anything to go by. September and October are not looking much better but maybe I'll be wrong about that.

2) I finally saw the Veronica Mars movie. Read more... )

3) Speaking of directing failures, wow, I had to look up Peter Hammond after suffering through two of his episodes of Inspector Morse. Read more... )

4) I am puzzled by the ending of Crossbones. Read more... )

5) This article about the need for physicians to share their notes with patients strikes me as a no-brainer. Due to geographic and doctor changes I have several times had to request my medical records. Reading through them can be eye opening in terms of both the mistakes included as well as the things that don't get recorded. The last time I requested them I had to pay a fee for paper copies and mailing, which I'm sure inhibits a lot of people, but right now I don't even get copies of lab test results which would be very helpful for me to track.

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I have decided that I want a room box with TARDIS-inspired wainscoting/paneling, so I found some plans and did some math.


Then I marked up the measurements (as much as would fit) on some 8x10 scrap matboard.


Finally, I realized that my cache of scrap matboard had some black-core Newport blue, so I cut out all three layers and put together a prototype section of wainscoting/paneling. Here it is with a Momoko.


I liked the prototype enough that I ordered a big sheet of matboard so I can go ahead and do a full stretch of wall. (I might add a piece of twine/perle cotton/florist wire to either side of the wide uprights to better mimic the rounded edges of the corner posts they reference.)


(no subject)

Aug. 31st, 2014 03:14 pm
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Dignity!Cat will have a bad back-tooth removed at the vet tomorrow. Not a big deal as such, but if you would send a good thought her way she probably wouldn't mind.

The teeth gave her a bad scare two weeks ago, but hasn't troubled her since, fortunately. Still, the vet says it has to go.

Me, I'm not looking forward to People!Cat's "this cat smells wrong" drama. Otherwise, doing fine.

pictures from D.'s camera because I'm lazy. )

(no subject)

Aug. 31st, 2014 10:45 am
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So, is this where journalling switched to when I wasn't looking?

Oddly specific

Aug. 30th, 2014 07:31 pm
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Last night, amongst other oddness, I dreamt that I was wearing a pair of roller skates and skated from the restaurant we had been at back to the car which was a good distance away.

I very, very vividly was aware of and felt the muscles in my butt area that I used to skate. I could feel the stretch and burn. I could feel my weight shifting and was aware of my balance and stance and how I had to move in order to skate.

so weird.
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Don't get me wrong: Net10 has screwed me around, too, most infamously when they lied about not being able to reactivate my phone a few months ago claiming the "system was down" and told me to call the next morning to get the same thing done that the rep could've done that night but wouldn't because I called just as their call center was closing and bitch, it's time for us to leave, see ya.

Interestingly enough, they pulled a similar thing on my fiance the same month and this was all during the same time period in which I was spending up to five hours a week on the phone with Comcast over billing and Internet issues so I was to the point where I simply hated all customer service call centers at all companies, whether that was fair or not.

But when I called Net10 yesterday because my phone's touchscreen is broken (the LG Optimus and/or Optimus Q can't seem to take light, heat, air or any sort of normal use without the touchscreen giving out so I go through 3-4 of them each year - thankfully the Q has a slide-out keyboard which allows me to retain most of the phone's functionality) and mentioned that it's still under warranty, the rep told me that Net10 would be "delighted" to replace it for me, free of charge.

I know damn well that whether Net10 - a corporation now legally masquerading as a person according to a recent Supreme Court decision - is delighted to help me or not shall not negate, circumvent nor otherwise nullify our contractual agreement, which includes replacing my phone free of charge for up to one year after purchase or exchange, but the idea that they are, in fact, "delighted" to help did boost my spirits.

I realized that for once - yes, for once - I would not have to argue with the person at the initial point of contact, nor be transferred to a second point of contact, nor have to get into a kerfuffle with a tech support person who thinks she knows more about my modem than I do, nor tangle with a Billing "Specialist" who has exactly zero idea of what I should and should not be billed for, all al la Comcast - no, there would be none of that. This Net10 rep was the first and last person I would have to speak with to secure my phone's replacement, and on top of that she wanted to let me know exactly how "delighted" Net10 would be to help.

Her demeanor throughout the process of gathering information, serial numbers and my shipping address was so light, breezy and overtly joyous I felt like I'd popped a Prozac by the time we hung up. She was delightful. And the whole "process"? Was a breeze.

And I think to myself: that's how 'good customer service' should be.


Aug. 30th, 2014 03:44 am
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let me tell you, shredding 14 years (well, more than) of accumulated sensitive papers before throwing them out is hard work. even with a working shredder.

*falls into bed*
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost A lot of people feel this way. #pumpkin #fall #toosoon #psl

Nobody Steps On A Church In My Town

Aug. 29th, 2014 02:02 pm
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I returned from the 11:30 AM* showing of Ghostbusters a little while ago. Did anyone else on my friends list go to the airing of Ghostbusters--and if so, did you notice that a couple scenes toward the start, which felt ever so slightly extended? For instance, there seemed a few more lines sprinkled in there when Peter's talking to the blonde girl after that psychic experiment.

Highlights from my showing? There weren't too many speak of. I was the only person there at all, in the room Ghostbusters was shown in.

The air was terrible, sort of a mix of stuffy, and severely humid. But it still felt as though the air conditioning was running, just not right. It was like someone had opened the exit door and left it open for a few days, in that one particular theater room and the air coniditoning was just moving it around. It was starting to get oppressive--then, someone popped their head in the door, glanced around, shot a text message to someone, to presumably confirm there was one solitary soul in attendance, and left--and then the air conditioning worked harder for five minutes, it started to get better...before going dead.

So around when Mr. Stay Puft was stomping on a church in Peter's town, before the heat actually got any worse, I went on my way. We've been getting a heat index of around 107 for over a week, and I'd rather not sit in a theater and overheat.

Aside from those issues, the showing looked very crisp and clear. I finally spotted Ron Jeremy's cameo. However, for the first time I noticed a character on a stretcher outside Dana's building, as the Ghostbusters pull up. From a distance, it appeared as though it could have been the elderly woman that spotted the Terror Dog chasing Louis, who ran back inside. I could be wrong.

*The movie started 27 minutes later than expected, due to all the trailers.


Aug. 29th, 2014 08:53 am
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The brioche was very tasty. I think I overdid the "healthy pinch" of sugar in the egg glaze though, because it turned out very dark.

But yesterday I made Challah, and that was perfect.

Next it's back to French bread/Baguettes. One of my goals is to make the bread for Bagna Caulda.

But today: Cake.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost New-to-me #weather app. #profanity #lulz #gpoy
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As promised, my long un-awaited update on Comcast that I don't feel like writing because #beautifulday, #soulsucking, #neverendingnightmare, #comcastsucks and so on - but I'm duty-bound because I did say I would write this post although now I don't really want to. So for all 4.5 of you - including me of course, since I'm totally dialing this in:

In case you missed it:

Comcast overcharged me this month! To the tune of $180 or so. I discovered this thanks to [personal profile] darkoshi repeating a figure given to me by a sales rep; turns out I'd flipped the digits as I was writing it out. After catching my error I logged into Comcast to see where my current bill stood and sure enough it was at $251. Which, to say the least, was unpossible.

So I called Comcast bright and early the next morning to straighten this out. The first billing rep I spoke to put me on hold forever to check my "account notes" and then attempted to cause a breakup between me and my fiance by inquiring, "Ms. M, who is [fiance's name goes here]?"
"[fiance's name goes here]? He is my fiance. Why?"
"Well, Ms. M, apparently he is the one who made all the upgrades and changes to your account."
"Oh no he isn't - are you kidding me? I'm sitting right next to him every time he calls and -"
"Ms. M, Ms M -"
"No, now you listen to me: He never calls to upgrade anything, only to have all the issues we have with Comcast's shitty, awful service fixed - like the Internet not working or the TV signal going out - which happens constantly - or to get the RG11 cable laid in our freakin' driveway that we still don't have for over a year now - so don't even try to pull that shit on me", I said. My voice grew very deep and my enunciation grew exceedingly clear during that last handful of words, surprising even me, since I'm sort of the Marissa Mayer of speed-talking under normal circumstances.
"Well, Ms M., I am sorry I will not be able to help you with that. I must transfer you to Customer Solutions."

Directly upon "transferring" me I heard the betraying little click of being hung up on. But after over a year of relentless training at their barbarous hands I expected exactly that. Their service is so consistently shitty that out of a possible five stars, having my fiance lied about, not being helped and being hung up on would actually rate a 4 out of 5; 5 out of 5 is when they actually deign to help you, whether they lie about your S/O and/or hang up on you during the phone call or not.

So I called them back. And I got Billing again. So I asked to be transferred to Customer Solutions after explaining the last rep hung up on me during his alleged transfer. I got transferred without being hung up on so I explained the entire issue from soup to nuts to this rep, including how the last rep lied about my fiance's alleged role in it. Then the Customer Solutions rep said, "Well, based on the notes on your account ['bitch going off on a tirade', most likely], I will not be able to help you with that today, Ms. M." I almost shouted "What?" but before I could vocalize it he continued, "I must transfer you to our Retentions Department so you can receive the help that you need."

[Dear God, that's my worst nightmare]

"No, uh-huh. Hold up now, wait a second: I was originally on the phone with Billing. The Billing rep said he couldn't help me so he had to transfer me to Customer Solutions -"
"I am aware of that, Ms. M -"
"And then he hung up on me, so I called back and told Billing I got hung up on and asked them to transfer me to Customer Solutions - to you. Which they did!"
"Yes, Ms. M, I understand..."
"No, you don't, apparently: if Billing said I need to speak to Customer Solutions, and YOU are Customer Solutions, then why can't you help me?"
"Uh yes, Ms. M., I am sorry to hear that but as I said before, based on the notes I can see on your account I must transfer you to our Retentions Department, I am not able to help you any further." Of course he had not helped me at all.

After many exclamations of, "Are you serious?" and "So, can you try not to hang up on me this time?" he managed to get me over to my favorite department, the one that makes me want to start new anti-ISP blogs. But contrary to what I was expecting, a very nice young woman listened to me recount the exact details of this nightmare patiently enough and managed to change my account back to what it originally was ($49 a month versus $45 - and that only because I'm keeping the HD box that they can't decide comes with my account or not and there's a $5 credit for choosing Eco-bill somewhere in there). Which was very nice and all, but I was still owed money for being overcharged in the first place.

To get the credits taken care of, she transferred me to I don't even know which department - maybe it was to someone else within the same department? - who, after hearing my entire story, including the part where the guy in Billing accused my fiance of making unauthorized changes - including cancelling my Service Protection Plan, which no one in their right mind would ever do - she was able to determine fraudulent activity had taken place on my account and who had performed it (a Comcast employee, not the fiance that the first rep tried to initiate so much drama over).

While I know she has to say this no matter what, and that maybe it's true and maybe it's not, all the same she assured me the person responsible would face "discipline" for doing this because Comcast takes fraudulent activity on customer's accounts "very seriously".

She further determined that the last rep I spoke to had already pushed through a $153 credit for various overcharges, leaving another $58 credit that she had to get supervisor approval for because it was for a service call and a box that they were unable to issue the credit for themselves, for a total of $211 refunded. I was told to call back within a week to see if the supervisor had approved the final $58 credit. She gave me a confirmation number for the request. I thanked her profusely for being the first person who listened and got to the bottom of things like no one else had and we hung up.

Fast forward to today, when I finally called back to see how things were going. I never got the email confirmation I was promised on my $153 credit but I checked the bill online before calling today and saw it was credited; it's just not going to apply to this month's bill. Checking on the $58 credit, I saw that $9.95 was refunded that is applicable to this month's bill, which leaves roughly $48 outstanding, so I called to see where that money was.

I could replay the conversation this involved word-for-word but my trauma is building to a crescendo pitch and it is a nice day. Simply enough, the supervisor rejected crediting my last service call because it was merely to "upgrade" my service, which I "chose" to do, not to actually "repair" anything that was "broken". Which, of course, is complete bullshit.

After explaining that fraudulent employee activity on my account does not count toward "upgrading" it, that the last tech was out because my account tier comes with features which weren't working on the digital converter that comes with my package, nor were those features working on the first HD box I had to return because it was broken, she repeated that there was nothing else she could do because the supervisor had rejected my refund request.

So I asked her if I could speak to the supervisor but she told me the supervisor might be in another office; if so, there was no way to transfer me. I asked her why she couldn't find out exactly which office the supervisor works in but she claimed she had no way to know. Finally I asked her if she could contact the supervisor herself and ask her to reconsider my credit for the reasons I'd given. She brightened up at that, saying she could email her to ask her to call me - yes, seriously, she said that. "And here is a side of Convoluted with your main dish of Already Fucked Up - it's today's Special - would like a cup of coffee with that?"

So here's where it stands: I'm waiting on a callback for a $48 credit that I don't give a shit if I get or not. If I do get it, it will knock my bill down below $40, which, according to my own math, is about $40 less than what I actually owe. It's just the principle of the thing, which is screw Comcast - they've certainly screwed us enough.

leaving on an airplane

Aug. 28th, 2014 06:15 pm
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I'm flying out to Dragon*Con in a couple of hours. I really wanted to write a serious blog post before I left, but there was too much going on. I'll have my tablet with me so probably no posting at all because of awkward typing. So I guess I'll be back in a week plus. Don't burn anything down while I'm gone.

hi I'm not gone or anything

Aug. 27th, 2014 10:32 pm
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 It's just with the second surgery and more major antibiotics, I am off of basically everything keeping me okay. No anti anxiety anything, no allergy meds, not even my vitamin E, and now that I'm off opiates, no painkillers either.

But I only have a couple more days of this and then however long it takes me to build up back to decent, mood wise.

I still do cherish everyone and such, but I can't concentrate or settle or relax right now. I am however coloring a bunch of mandalas from an old art therapy book of mine and organizing my bookmarks and catching up on my podcasts.



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