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Sites that use Cloudflare have been leaking https information. Dreamwidth and Livejournal appear to be unaffected by this as of when I last checked, along with Amazon, Reddit, Yahoo, and Gmail. Quite a few of the sites that used Cloudflare, and that are affected by this, have been listed by a user on Github. Some technical discussion (particularly in the second link) on Reddit can be found here and here. You can find a bit on the mobile iOS apps that were affected here. From everything I have read, if you need to change your passwords, it should be safe to do so.

Edit: Just found a good tool: Does It Use Cloudflare? Just type in a site address, and it will let you know if the site does/did on the date the problem was traced back to; at that point, you'll know if you must change your password at the site with the problem.
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The Diviners, book 2
by Libba Bray
Read by January LaVoy

This is the second book in a projected four-volume series. Book three is due out in the fall. The "monster of the week" mystery wrapped a bit slowly for me, but I'm still interested in the overarching story.

Ships that I Ship: Day 54: Harper/Tyr

Feb. 23rd, 2017 04:17 pm
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Canon: Andromeda
Pairing: Tyr Anasazi/Seamus Harper
Canon Level: Coworkers/Antagonists

I must admit that I never watched, like, the last two seasons of Andromeda. Maybe the end of the third season as well. (2003 was a while ago.) The show had become less of an ensemble piece and more focused on Dylan Hunt and, I thought, suffered as a result. But the show had some great potential, which is one way fic can really shine. Harper is smart, sneaky, and sarcastic. He's been through a lot but keeps on truckin', and always with a smart comment on his tongue. Tyr is pragmatic, proud, and ruthless. He's lost basically everything his culture values but has survived because that's what he does. You might think Tyr would look down on Harper for being just human, but I think Tyr might see a lot of what he values--a strong will to survive, a cunning and suspicious mind, a sharp intelligence, and the ability to do what needs to be done--in Harper. If they teamed up, they would most assuredly achieve their goals, albeit with a wake of chaos trailing behind them.

Suggested reading:
The Recreation of the Warrior by [ profile] twistedchick
Fine by [ profile] Viridian5
Hypothermia by [ profile] tosca
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Canon: Babylon 5
Pairing: Delenn/John Sheridan
Canon Level: Married

When I was a bitty [personal profile] coprime, I used to watch this show every week with my mom, and both of us were rooting for Delenn and John throughout the series. Theirs was clearly a love for the ages, and they managed to make it work! There really wasn't anything more I could ask for. But to elaborate as much as I can given that the show is over two decades old and I wasn't fannish back then in the way I am now, Delenn as a character has always been one I've looked up to and admired--her strength and convictions, her desire to make things better, and her serene grace. And their romance reminded me of a great romance novel, complete with marriage and a kid (even if it was more of a happy-for-now than a happily ever after).

Suggested reading:
the land between solar systems by [ profile] openended
Respite by [ profile] LizBee
Where No Shadows Fall by [ profile] rivendellrose
In Valen's Name by [ profile] Beatrice_Otter


Feb. 22nd, 2017 03:48 pm
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i shouldn't have posted that last night

(no subject)

Feb. 22nd, 2017 11:25 pm
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Random question for you guys: How do people wherever you're from typically view fraternities? From what I've seen of American media, they're drunk dudes who care more about partying and girls than studying. (With the exception of that one episode of Leverage where the frat that Hardison had to infiltrate was a bit classier.)

In the Philippines, we usually look at them as dangerous because frats over here get into "rumbles"/fights with rival frats. It's not uncommon to hear stories about someone who got seriously injured because they got bashed in the head during a frat rumble. Back in university, I remember there was a hallway that was forever closed off from students in one of the buildings and I eventually found out that it was (supposedly) because frat members used to escape during a rumble and avoid campus police.

ETA: Totally forgot to mention the hazing! Adding to the, "frats are dangerous because they always get into fights," is the, "frats are dangerous because hazing."
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Canon: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Kasanoda Ritsu/Sendou Tetsuya
Canon Level: Friends

Tetsuya and Kasanoda are adorable together. Tetsuya chooses to follow Kasanoda because Tetsuya has never been fooled by Kasanoda's looks and he greatly admires Kasanoda's kindness. Kasanoda turns into a blushy, awkward mess any time any sort of affection, his or other's, is involved. They can't be anything other than utterly adorable even as simply friends.

Suggested reading:
Suspicion by [ profile] tastewithouttalent
Four Times the Kasanoda-gumi Are Confused About Waka’s Sexuality and One Time Everything Works out Okay by [ profile] peroxidepest17
Nice Girls Do by [ profile] miaoujones
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So as promised, I read Powers of Darkness, by Valdimar Ásmundsson, and translated by Hans De Roos (which he accomplished with the help of many, many others, based on the credited people in the end of the book) and basically catalogued all the differences I could catch between what was formerly known as Makt Myrkranna, and the Stoker version.

Beneath the cut, you will find the long list of differences, and little things I noticed. )

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Canon: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Fujioka Haruhi/Kasanoda Ritsu
Canon Level: Friends/One-Sided Crush

Look, these two are just super cute together. Kasanoda is a huge marshamllow who has trouble making friends because of his scary face; Haruhi is Haruhi and therefore does not notice his face beyond the fact that he has one. And Kasanoda's such a sweetheart I just want him to be with someone who makes him happy.

Suggested reading:
Geisha by [ profile] dorksidefiker
Red Hot by [ profile] Vector

50 Books 2017-14: The Awesome

Feb. 19th, 2017 09:40 pm
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 by Eva Darrow

Gilmore Girls meets BtVS (with crass language and mature content). 

(no subject)

Feb. 19th, 2017 12:56 pm
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I've been training for the nap olympics. I worked three days last week, and took the last two off. Sleep in late, wake up close to noon. Check the news, caffeinate, then nap for four hours. Wake up for most of the afternoon, watch some tv. Take a late nap, then wake up around midnight for an hour or two. Then go to sleep for the night. I dunno if I'm sick, or depressed, or both. Maybe another nap will help.

Inactive Account Purge

Feb. 19th, 2017 11:26 am
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It appears that Insanejournal is purging journals that have been inactive for 2 years or more. Some of these I haven't even looked at in so long. A couple were made for a game that started on Greatestjournal--or at least, I think so--which never made it over to Insanejournal after all. Just going by the fact there's a now long dead link to an RPG application, which was somewhere on Greatestjournal and is now lost in the void.

The last time I made a post under my own username over there looks to have been in August of 2010. Since I basically remain logged in with that one via Firefox and take a peek around every few months, it comes through without an inactivity notice.

In another one, I spotted that I had uploaded some user icons others had made from the first issue of the original team of Excalibur. So prior to the permanent deletion of that journal, I saved the icons, and uploaded them Dreamwidth. Nothing was there to be saved in the rest, and it's fine for them to join the list of the deleted.

If you're on the Dreamwidth side of the fence, you can see one of the icons I spared is being used for this post.

Birthday happiness

Feb. 19th, 2017 01:19 am
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Thank you to the lovely people that gifted me in advance of my bday:

Mystery gifter gave me this lovely water scent diffuser:

Older sister gave me a lovely coin:

My two friends from Dallas gave me this kick-ass notebook:

[personal profile] clevermanka gave me the Minoan Tarot!!!!:

[personal profile] devilc took me out to the Pahrump wineries for samplings & lunch. It was fantastic and I'll write more about it tomorrow. :D

I also got some gift cards from my aunt (to Winco & Sprouts), and a sheet of postcard stamps. :D

Thank you all for the gifts and most importantly for being my friend. <3
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Canon: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing: Fujioka Haruhi/Ootori Kyouya
Canon Level: Friends

Hah, I'd forgotten that I'd put this pairing down on the giant spreadsheet o' ships, but Haruhi/Kyouya is totally great. They are great together because they would be unstoppable at whatever they put their minds to. You almost have to feel sorry for whoever gets in their way because Haruhi and Kyouya are both too single-minded and practical to ever fail at accomplishing whatever their goal is, and I think the two of them together would just cause those traits to be amplified. (By the by, that's part of why I think Tamaki/Haruhi/Kyouya would work so well although I forgot to say so on that entry; he'd temper the two of them.) Kyouya and his layered reasons for everything he does would challenge Haruhi, while Haruhi's insight would keep Kyouya on his toes.

Suggested reading:
The framework of the universe by [ profile] afrai
Getting His Head Shrunk by [ profile] kay_obsessive
Hypothesis by [ profile] misura


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