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So, the latest news on Sailor Moon Crystal going around the internet right now is that the episode numbers will exactly match up with the act numbers in the manga. This means it's almost certain we'll be getting the Dark Moon arc within the 26-episode run.

On the plus side: More Sailor Moon! Possibility that they might cover the other three arcs as well! Crystal Tokyo! Chibiusa! PLUTO!!

On the minus side . . . .

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .

See, I've always found the pacing of the manga to be kind of . . . not the greatest. Villain characters are basically just there to be slaughtered, and to be dark mirrors of the Senshi. There's almost no time for character development for them, and even the senshi themselves occasionally felt more like a Greek chorus than full-blown characters in their own right. When each girl WAS in the spotlight she would really shine, but for the most part, Sailor Moon really was about Sailor Moon. Which is fine: the series is named after her, so it SHOULD focus on her. But what I loved about the old anime - and the Live Action series, too - is that it really took its time and let us get to know everyone, including the villains. With two story arcs crammed into 26 episodes, I just don't think that's going to be able to happen. Interviews with the production team show that an effort is being made to develop the characters where they can, but I'm still not overly hopeful, I'm afraid.

It's also sounding like there are going to be added hints of Senshi x Shitennou, which I'm not really a fan of. Even putting aside my fondness for Zoisite/Kunzite, I just think the extremely convenient "All four senshi were in love with all four of Endymion's champions it's totally fate you guys!!!!1!!1!" is . . . boring and kind of a little too far beyond the boundaries of my willing suspension of disbelief. Ten years ago I might have been all right with the idea, but not now. Life isn't that neat and tidy. It doesn't even matter if none of those relationships ever really ended up working out: just the fact that they would all conveniently match up so perfectly in the first place is just . . . no. I'd even be fine with it if it was, like, JUST Venus/Kunzite and/or Mars/Jadeite, as they both have some canonical basis within the original manga and . . . well, they'd both make hot couples, NGL. But Jupiter/Nephrite and Mercury/Zoisite really do not need to happen. Their only connection to the original source material is one illustration that has been stated to be non-canonical by Takeuchi in the past. Maybe she's changed her mind since then, but it just strikes me as pairing the spares.

I'm not going to get my panties in a huge knot and stop watching or anything, because it's entirely possible that they're still going to do a really good job with it, even keeping to Takeuchi's breakneck pacing and even if they wholeheartedly serve the Senshi/Shitennou ship (which would come to a close at the end of the Dark Kingdom arc anyway, so meh). And I'm definitely excited to see Crystal's version of Sailor Pluto. I'm just not really convinced anymore that this will necessarily end up being my favourite version of the story. I'm certainly hoping it'll prove me dead wrong, but for the moment I'm a little bit skeptical. :\
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It's this woefully under-utilized no-name Frankenstein of some sort with just 2GB of RAM but an AMD Athlon quad core processor. It runs Win7 which means it can run Win8 and when it was brought here by a FOAF the guy was like, "My TV tuner card won't work! Video lags! The whole computer is so slow!" and I'm, you know, smiling pleasantly while trying not to giggle because n00b.

Well, in over a week my computer tech fiance could not resolve it or even figure out a possible cause so last night in desperation he asked me to come have a look. He likes to say, "She's software, I'm hardware" and considering most repairs he does are hardware he doesn't always need me, though I'm always happy to have a look just to see what other people use, how they use it, if they're using it optimally and so on.

So I take the mouse on it from him but it drags and won't move and every dialog box takes like a year to open and Firefox? I could've brewed a pot of coffee waiting on that and after just a minute of this I'm like, "You know, this computer is really running like shit". My fiance made sympathetic grunting noises while doing some sort of interpretive flailing.

"Soooo...what's wrong with it?"
"Well, he had a bad RAM chip."
"Huh, really? So how much RAM does it have now?"
"Just one GB."
"On a quad core?"
"Yeah, the RAM was bad."
"Wow, it's really running like shit. Christ."

While I continued to wait on Firefox I kept dragging the mouse around and noticed it was giving me the wait circle an awful lot and just barely making its way across the screen. "You see how the mouse is dragging? That tells me there's not enough RAM to keep things flowing here..." to which he gave a defeated shrug. I don't think any computer's ever left our house unfixed (just one did but that was temporary; when it came back we recommended replacing the hard drive, which was what I thought the problem was to begin with - but my fiance wouldn't listen and initially favored the RAM being shot, so at my suggestion we ran memTest86 for an entire day and couldn't find a single flaw, which brought us back to the hard drive when the computer was returned, which I suggested at first use was overheating and had had its best day) so it was sort of fascinating to me that this one might leave without fixing.

Curious as to what this rig's specs were like, I clicked Computer-->Properties and nine years later when that menu finally opened both our mouths just dropped. Before I could even say anything my fiance was like, "You fixed it. You fixed it. Thank you so much! I knew I needed you out here!"

"Wait. You never thought to check Computer-->Properties?"
""Well like I always say, I'm hardware, you're software."
"Yeah, but you're a computer tech, for Christ's sake! A certified computer tech. You should know both software and hardware. Seriously?"

What followed was a short conversation in exactly what he's certified in, which turns out to be hardware. Which does make me wonder how he ran his own shop for so many years - I guess there were little elves like me running around for any kind of shit like that. So the problem turned out to be this poor quad core computer was limping along on only 525MB of RAM. Whoops! The other RAM chip was likewise shot.

So my fiance tracked down a few more 1GB RAM sticks - luckily we have tons of the kind this guy needs lying around - and now the computer is running fast and nearly flawlessly. The only thing I can see wrong is it's currently using one of my older GEForce video cards and this guy is HUGE on watching TV and video from his computer so he'll definitely need to upgrade that because frame rates are lagging a bit. But other than that it's like, damn, I hate to give this one back to the guy.


Aug. 26th, 2014 08:21 pm
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I don't want to keep packing because I'm tired, but if I don't pack I won't be going to Dragon*Con.

I mean. I will still go to Dragon*Con obviously. But I will have to change my plans substantially and it will add certain unnecessary complications. I think. Or maybe this way would actually be easier? I can't really tell anymore.


Anyway, I'm not all that exhausted that I can't go down to the pharmacy to buy a plastic bottle for my shampoo. Or cycle a laundry, or shower and wash my hair. It's only that sitting and staring at a screen out of inertia is lots easier.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Signs you do your grocery shopping in Massachusetts. #wicked


Aug. 25th, 2014 03:28 pm
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So apparently I really should just learn to take sudden depressive downswings as "you'll be bleeding from the crotch in 2 days"

Rest In Peace, Richard Attenborough

Aug. 25th, 2014 11:20 am
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Richard Attenborough passed away yesterday, at the age of 90, due to health issues stemming from a stroke he suffered several years ago. His 91st birthday would have been the 29th. May he rest in peace. I only saw Jurassic Park for the first time within the last couple years, courtesy of Encore. I didn’t know that he directed Magic (1978), and have always meant to watch it—-so I’ll track that down soon.

truth in media

Aug. 24th, 2014 04:02 pm
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So I recently upended my life (quit my job; moved to LA to live with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and [personal profile] echan; finished the last classes I needed for my degree) and the sequence in which I did these things was both necessary and terrifying. They, and my family, are my financial net until I find work. My residency isn't officially switched yet - we need to go talk to the leasing office again on Monday about whether I am correctly in the system once and only once - and I've been in a limbo period for a while where I feel like all I do is watch Netflix and knit.

The only reason I didn't burn through Psych in a week is because there was a trip to Maine in the middle of it. Psych made me cry at the end because it hit all these buttons of real world crap in the last season: quitting the job that makes you a drone, feeling like a leech, trying for jobs people put up flyers for because you're that desperate, moving to follow people you care about, living the somewhat awkward OT3 life. And these things being difficult and having to talk to people you care about and just. Things. All my feelings. (I think I'm Gus, overall, but not everything is neatly aligned.)

In the last two months, I've watched about half of Atlantis, half of Continuum, a season of Daria, the Finder, we've started on Better Off Ted, Hemlock Grove, the current run of Teen Wolf, all of Psych, and I'm reaching for something else to spend my time on. Chuck, Witches of East End, Dead Like Me.

I fell asleep two episodes into Witches of East End, which isn't promising, but that's better than being on edge at the "flunked out of college, dead-end job, oops literally" aspect of the first couple of episodes of Dead Like Me, until I finally just stopped it, or the jarring why didn't I remember this part of Chuck where he's vying for the assistant manager position. And flailing about how he was kicked out of college. Was there a reason I stopped watching Chuck? I can't remember.

My degree is a fingertip's length away and I keep feeling like a drop-out for how long it took. At this point, probably the only more terribly apt media I could inflict on myself would be Wonderfalls: got the degree, and the dead-end job anyway.

Nate suggested Community at one point. I've been avoiding Community since it started because I know I can't deal with a show set in community college until I'm done with school. And I don't feel done enough yet. So.

I could go back to Daria but I'm starting to feel weird about watching high school set coming-of-age shows. When will I feel like an adult, and not like a coming-of-age story is still relevant to my life? I think I've asked that before. Like, five years ago.

I think I want purest escapist fantasy, but I get hung up on the fact that I can't relate to anyone.

I'm tired. I need to do something else.

eta: so I'm gonna turn off comments on this entry, because I was not actually looking for TV recs when I said I need to do something else.


Aug. 24th, 2014 02:50 pm
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Them what are interested in truffles from me, I have narrowed down my list of flavors to like... 8. Anyway, this is a finalization stage so I know what proportions to make of everything. You may ask for multiple flavors! Treat it like you're getting a dozen (that was the original plan) and tell me how many of each you want, and any you definitely want excluded.

Final flavor list:

(Honey and Lemon had fairly low interest but were left on because I totally have those things and I might want them for myself. Kahlua I definitely want for myself what are we even talking about. )

(Members of my household should also respond so I know how many to make for keeping!)

(If you didn't respond to the original post it's okay to ask to be included now. But the flavor list is set, you can only pick from these. The recipe says I should get 15 dozen truffles out of this; ten people replied and there's me and Nate and Echan here, so I could hand out to a couple more people.)

(Although I hadn't mentally processed through the notion of shipping costs for a dozen packages earlier. Poking at USPS I think it will probably be $5-6 per package within the US which I think I can probably handle, though if anyone wants to chip in I will happily accept. Does anyone who has requested truffles live outside the lower 48?)

(no subject)

Aug. 24th, 2014 06:33 pm
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I will never learn not to read the comments.


Aug. 24th, 2014 01:37 pm
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I just watched the new Doctor Who.

I think I might be done forever. :(
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Aesop has put me through hell this week but I think I've finally come out on top - which is sort of what I like about her - how hard she makes me work to not let her fail on me. This time her main problems were a) dragging ass in general starting a few weeks ago and b) only getting 16-25mbps download speeds this week after upgrading to a 50mbps Internet connection (an upgrade I didn't ask for but apparently won't be charged for, so what the hell).

The 'dragging ass' was bad enough but the lack of online speed drove me nuts pretty much instantly. Though my last install of XP was probably less than six months old I figured re-installing might be my best best but when I tried to I couldn't get any install discs to work - not my own ('corrupted ghoster.txt' error), not my copies ('ghoster.txt' error), not my fiance's (every error out there from 'operating system not found" to all kinds of corrupted files and folders, to installs that just hung eternally on the first "Windows is starting" screen you get right after files are unpacked but before Windows starts installing).

Thanks to him being a computer tech he literally has five different copies of XP Pro - some slipstreamed with SP2, some not - several copies of XP Home, one copy of XP Media Edition, two copies of Win 7 - including one you can install any version of 7 from Basic to Pro to Ultimate from - and a few copies of Win 8 and 8.1 (which I can't run on this motherboard). Not one of those damn discs would work, which told me it wasn't the discs, it was a hardware issue.

He was at work and I was on the phone with Comcast while trying to do the reinstall, which was going very, very badly, so I began texting him each time Comcast put me on hold about the error messages and hanging 'starting Windows' screens and asked if it was in fact the hard drive failing like the Comcast tech had suggested the day before. Finally he told me to switch the CD burner out as he was thinking that might be the problem. So I took the CD burner off his computer, took the CD burner off my computer, hooked his CD burner up, fired up my rig and the installs started unpacking a few more files before failing but every one of them still failed. Even my Vista disc failed and my Vista disc never fails (unfortunately, since I should never use Vista).

After a few hours of multiple failed installs in which I blew through five reps at Comcast (I wasn't in a bad mood over all this or anything - noooo, nuh uh, not me!) I decided to go lie down and read a John Steinbeck novel and after turning the last page a few hours later fell asleep. Hours later I got up, made dinner and after cleaning that up the fiance decided to go have a look at Aesop. On some sort of inexplicable hunch he decided to pull one of her 1GB RAM chips out and restart the computer; after that XP SP2 installed just fine. "It's your memory!" he shouted. "Oh, bullshit", I shot back. I felt like telling him he just got lucky (and no, not in the way he might have hoped).

After XP finished installing I insisted on putting the RAM back in against my computer tech's advice. I checked it in BIOS and it read just fine (and it was reading just fine right up until I reinstalled XP). I checked it in Windows under Computer-->Properties after the re-install and the OS was reading it just fine, too, but the computer was still running like shit: it was using 100% CPU the second I opened Firefox or Internet Exploder (version 6 because SP2) and freezing if I tried to run both browsers at once and IE wouldn't open a single webpage but rather than say "page not found" it gave me obscure "cannot open" errors.

At a loss what to do, I figured it was running like shit because SP2 so I took my computer tech's copy of SP3 (which I could not download online because of the IE errors) and ran it while I mused about a particular Comcast rep's personality failings. It wasn't done installing updates and ready to go until about 4am, at which point I went back to bed. When I got up today the computer was still running like shit but at least it had IE8, which was opening webpages just fine. But my download speed was still stuck at between 5mbps-19mbps - and I was getting pissed.

So I did what I usually do when Aesop's got my ass good: puttered around and made dinner. After cleaning that up, taking a shower, folding laundry and doing anything else around the house I could think of just to avoid dealing with her, I realized I'd run out of things to do.

Turning the computer back on, I observed it was still running like shit, so for shits and grins I pulled off the Ethernet cable that my computer tech fiance gave me a while back because it's the extra-long kind to account for where I have the computer versus where the modem is, dragged the computer across my desk over to the modem, plugged in the short yellow cable Comcast gave me and ran an Ookla speed test. Bam! 56mbps down, 11 up. Now we're talking! But the computer was still running like shit and webpages were definitely not loading nearly as fast as 50mbps would seem to suggest. Like, that would suggest 'instantly'? No, my webpages were loading like I was on dial-up.

So I started googling the issue (I think my exact search query was [how to utilize 50mbps connection speed on XP]) and hit on a Comcast forum where someone suggested using Comcast's TCP/IP optimizer, which is designed specifically for XP. My first thought was, "I didn't know Comcast had a TCP/IP optimizer - why didn't the Comcast tech we just had out here tell me this?" (Because chances are he doesn't know they have one, either.) So I got it and ran it (you have to run it from IE for some reason, which admittedly kind of blows). But other than the IE requirement it's completely awesome. It offers fine-grained TCP/IP tuning options such as:

  • Performance – Up to 15 Mbps with PowerBoost®
  • Blast!® – Up to 20 Mbps with PowerBoost®
  • Ultra – Up to 30 Mbps with PowerBoost®
  • Extreme50 – Up to 50 Mbps

It was a bit confusing because the tool is obviously getting old so now Extreme50 = Blast!® while Extreme50 is probably Extreme105 by now, but at any rate I chose Extreme50 and rebooted when it told me to. Now, not only do my webpages load almost instantly but the computer's running like a dream. Apparently the problems the network stack was having with my Extreme50/Blast connection were reverberating throughout my system, slowing everything down, so I guess I'll be keeping my supposedly fucked-up RAM stick, after all. Stuff like this is why, as always, I'd prefer to be my own computer tech: I don't do such a bad job on my own, thankyouverymuch.

As for my latest Comcast issues, I'll have to wait until at least Monday to post more on that because I never got the email confirmation on the $155 credit that the last rep promised I'd get, and for some reason there was no confirmation number she could give me for it, either (yeah, I wonder why?) so I'm going to have to start all over again with that on Monday. If they won't make this right - if they're really going to give me a hard time? I'm going to report them to every authority out there for fraud and just outright accuse them of trying to get over on me so some rep could make their numbers for the month - seriously, I have HAD it.


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