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NaNoWriMo is over and I need to kickstart my reading habits. I tried to read Ancillary Justice but I'm having trouble getting deep enough in to be swept away, I might put it off until I have some extra mental energies. I have a number of books saved to my Kobo account that I have not yet bought, and I have a stack of TPBs. And, of course, my over-full book shelves full of smart books that I am perpetually too tired to read.

One of the last books I finished was Shira Glassman's The Second Mango but the new releases (from which she actually gets royalties) aren't on Kobo and I'd probably had to get them through Amazon or something. There are four novels in all and one short story collection, I think. But I have a lot of other options.

1. N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season is A Smart Book and also has geological tectonic magic, which is fascinating and extra appealing to me. On the con side, the excerpt I read gives me the impression of dense prose and a difficult narrator voice.

2. T. Kingfisher's (Ursula Vernon) Bryony and Roses is also an award-winner and yet it is also a fairy-tale and has that UV-brand deadpan humor that I find so comfortable.

3. Mary Robinette Kowal's Shades of Milk and Honey is a magicky regency romance, and my familiarity with the author's style means it promises to be a non-offensive f/m pairing, possibly in the vein of Sorcerer to the Crown (which was anj instant favorite). Also likely to be light and comfortable.

4. The Golem and the Jinni is that Jewish fantasy novel I have ostensibly always wanted, and also fairly well-reviewed (although it doesn't have the kind of gushing following some others on my list do). A bit of an unknown quantity.

5. The Lies of Locke Lamora. People having been raving about this book for as long as I can remember. Am I in a lovable rogue mood? Who knows.

6. Michelle Sagara's Cast in Shadow which was recommended to me by someone and indeterminate time period in the past. Yay, memory! I downloaded the preview for this on a whim and it gives me a comfortable feeling of a heroine with trust issues.

7. Or I could just get the next in one of the series I'm reading. I have a bunch of those I haven't finished, and that might help me get into a good reading routine.

8. I also have the TPB of Monstress (from Marjorie Liu) sitting on my shelf. And one of the Marceline Adventure Time books, and some Star Wars stuff. They are good for reading in bits and pieces, generally, but less convenient to carry in my purse (I have a purse. I'm a person who carries a purse now.).

Decisions are unusually hard for me lately. Or, like, more than usually hard.
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God's a monster

Dec. 4th, 2016 05:09 pm
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Sort of where I'm going with this is the idea that your religion is your business, and not anyone else's.

If you are concerned with what religion I am or with making sure I know what religion you are, then you are in the wrong. You should not care what faith I do or do not follow at all and to whatever extent you are even curious about it or are interested in making sure I know that information about you, you are infringing on my liberty and right to be free from interference in my spiritual affairs.

Your god is not my business, and it is my right to explicitly not know about your god.

50 Books 2016-42 thru 45

Dec. 3rd, 2016 09:08 am
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The Heroes of Olympus, Book Five The Blood of Olympus (unabridged audiobook)
by Rick Riordan
One for the Money (abridged audiobook, but not a horrible abridgment)
Stephanie Plum, No. 1
by Janet Evanovich
Ms. Rapscott's Girls (unabridged audiobook)
by Elise Primavera
Full Fathom Five: A Novel of the Craft Sequence (eBook)
by Max Gladstone

Just spit it out

Dec. 2nd, 2016 03:33 pm
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1) I'm glad to hear about the variety of different ways people are making statements (and targeting Pence rather than Trump since giving him any kind of attention just gives him what he wants). Trevor Noah is dead right in labeling him a toddler having tantrums.

Speaking of Noah, I couldn't even watch this interview because I kept wanting to throw things at the TV. He may become more legendary for his patience than anything else.

2) This case is a good reminder that "copyright law" is not there primarily to benefit the artist or creator, but rather the copyright owner, who in many cases is a large corporation with a lot more resources than the artists themselves. Even with the U.S. law allowing only 35 years, that means a lot of people will never get their copyrights back in their lifetimes.

3) Unlike the UK I think there is very little discussion or thought about tea in the U.S., where coffee remains the dominant beverage. I declare that because even non-food establishments offer coffee, sometimes even for free. This is not the case with tea, soft drinks, or other beverages, and sometimes not even water. So I thought I'd horrify my non-U.S. readers with the following (sorry this post is too late for Halloween). Read more... )

My experience is that people are far more likely to drink iced tea in the U.S. than hot tea. How does that compare to other places? Also, I think very few people tend to drink it with milk compared to how many coffee drinkers do so. Read more... )

4) HT to Petzi for an article with lots of recommendations for holiday gifts that will make a difference.

Dealing with twitter trolls

Nov. 29th, 2016 07:38 pm
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usually I just report them, if I can, and then block them. But now I've started saying nice things to them, letting them know it'll all be okay & that they don't need to fear people like me. THEN I block them.

It's very gratifying.
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- Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about.
- You don't have to be following me or ever have commented to request a topic.
- If you are doing the meme, I'll leave topics for you, too! Feel free to link me at any time if you want one.
- Feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates.
- Feel free to just leave a topic and no date. I'll fill it in.

Topic Ideas
Fandoms: Ace Attorney, Welcome to Night Vale, Young Wizards/Cats of Grand Central, Magic Ex Libris, Harry Potter, Pretear, The Hunger Games, Alice Isn't Dead, Within the Wires, The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
Writing: Meta/Process, Ficlet/Poetry/Meta in Original Universes (More Than One, Agent DreamWriter, Willerverse, Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue, Johanna's Story, The Connector of Stories), Ficlet/Poetry/Meta in Shared Universes (Nine for the Nebula's Heart, Heliodrax), Random prompts for fic/poetry
Misc: Reiki, Oracle Reading, Rehabilitation Psychology/Recovery Model of Psychology, Plurality (and yes you are allowed to ask specific people questions Cast List [on LJ]), Mental Health, Other Life Things

Thurs Dec 1st: Pretear - something Hayate/Himeno ([livejournal.com profile] ragnarok_08)
Fri Dec 2nd: Ficlet/Poetry/Meta in shared universes - Nine for the Nebula's Heart - "This isn’t the end, but it’s the closest to it you’ll see" ([livejournal.com profile] ragnarok_08)
Sat Dec 3rd: Holiday Wishes Meme
Sun Dec 4th: Tell us about a fandom you love and why? ([livejournal.com profile] winterlitwings)
Mon Dec 5th: What kind of oracle reading do you do? How did you get into it?([livejournal.com profile] winterlitwings)
Tues Dec 6th: How did you discover you were plural? (Our expansion: How did you discover the subsystems/how did they figure out they were plural?) ([livejournal.com profile] winterlitwings)
Wed Dec 7th: Tell us about a song that means a lot to you? ([livejournal.com profile] winterlitwings)
Thurs Dec 8th:
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Sat Dec 31st:

Rest In Peace, Ron Glass

Nov. 27th, 2016 07:34 am
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Ron Glass has passed away at the age of 71. May he rest in peace. He was best known as Shepherd Book from Firefly, and Detective Ron Harris from Barney Miller. I already thought he was great in Firefly. Thanks to various marathons on Antenna TV and FamilyNet over the last year and a half or so, I grew to love him on Barney Miller as well.

The cast of Firefly paid tribute to him here.

(I still have this one Book icon left, so it's only fitting that I use it here. Also, that makes it two from Barney Miller that have died this year, unless I missed someone. Ron Glass and Abe Vigoda.)


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