Game of the Week: Fluxx

Jul. 3rd, 2015 03:50 pm
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Fluxx at Board Game Geek

Fluxx is a card game of changing rules for two or more players. One of the fun things about Fluxx is that new players can join the game at any time. The game starts with each person being dealt three cards. One player then goes first. The basic rule is "Draw 1 card, play 1 card". In Fluxx version 3.0 (the version I own), there are four types of cards: (1) Keepers; (2) New Rule; (3) Action; and (4) Goals. Keepers are played face-up in front of you. New Rule cards are played in the center of the table. New Rules take effect immediately; for example, if a New Rule says you can only have 1 card in your hand, everybody must immediately discard cards until they have 1 card remaining. There can be multiple New Rules in play at a time, but if a New Rule contradicts an older rule, the older rule is discarded.

Action cards are followed as written when played. An example would be "Draw 2 cards and use 'em" in which you draw two cards and play them in the order you choose.

Goal cards describe the current goal of the game. One of my favorite goals is "The person who has both the Milk and Cookies Keeper cards is the winner."

Play continues, with each person playing a Keeper, New Rule, Action, or GOal card until the current goal is met.

Fluxx was featured on an episode of **Tabletop**, Wil Wheaton's board game webseries. You can watch it here:


Jul. 3rd, 2015 07:30 am
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Logged into my Comcast account for the first time this morning.
The bill is more than twice what I was quoted. Why? Because someone decided I needed full-options TV service to go with my Internet service.

The billing department opens in half an hour.

Want a poster?

Jul. 2nd, 2015 06:50 pm
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1) Would anyone be interested in having this Avenger's poster? Read more... )

2) We've had difficulty watching much of the Women's World Cup due to our trip and the fact that we were then tied up for a week packing and unpacking things as our apartment's floors were redone. Also not helpful is the way the media is out to spoil you at every turn. Read more... )

3) We watched the U.S. vs. Germany game even though we had to stay up later than usual to finish it because we were sure we'd be spoiled by the next day. And we would have been, as NPR decided to devote a whole segment to it Thursday morning. Read more... )

4) The City of Chicago is going to start taxing cloud-based services so local Netflix users and gamers can expect to pay more.

5) If you thought women had it tough getting acting job, well, no one's even pretending they don't discriminate against stuntwomen.
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"...So you'll have to go from point A to B to C to D. I'm sorry they didn't warn you it would be like this; I warned them."

Time passes with me inside while the Comcast guy is working outside, presumably going to A-B-C-D

I go outside to get something from my truck, near point D. There is a cable on the ground roughly from A to D.

"What's your plan?"

"I'm just going to stretch it from A straight to D."

"The point of having a pole at B is that there are no cables overhead where you are putting that cable. If the way you are doing it is the only way I get service today then go ahead, but I will be calling to complain and have it moved."

"It'll be very high, you won't even..."

"You don't get to decide what I will find acceptable."


Here's the thing: I do the same kind of work he does. I know what's right and what's a lame-ass shortcut. And especially after the customer explicitly said what he expected, to do anything else without talking with the customer is not OK. Yes, he'll have to do a lot of work. But that is what his job is.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Early blueberries. Still a bit tart, but the birds are snagging them before we can. #latergram
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Flavors at @jplicks for July include sriracha flavors like peanut butter chili, which pairs well with brownie batter :)

Four Job Fiesta, day 4

Jul. 1st, 2015 01:36 pm
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When last we left, I had just finished World 1. I changed Galuf to Samurai as soon as I had control of him. He had no problem in Exdeath's basement, and beat Gilgamesh with just one hit!

Lost Galuf and Faris to Gilgamesh(2) but won on the first try.

Tyrannosaur almost killed me. I was left with just Galuf standing. He used a phoenix down on Bartz, my Berserker, who killed it.

The Killer Bow one-shot Dragon Pod! I was surprised, and happy. I hate that fight.

The fight with Golem went quick. I was level 24.

Beat Gilgamesh and Enkidu on the first try, level 26.

Now for the Barrier Tower. I bought 99 eye drops as the Neons there like to cast Flash. I fear I don't have enough phoenix downs for the fight with Atomos, though. The plan is to farm four Reflect Rings, then use the gil I earned while farming to load up on phoenix downs. Atomos is my least favorite boss, so I'm not looking forward to this fight. The good thing is that my party hits hard, which should help a lot.

What? No, that doesn't work.

Jul. 1st, 2015 07:07 am
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Got a call from an arm of Comcast yesterday.

"You have a professional installation scheduled for Thursday morning, but we'd like to offer to UPS your equipment in a self-install kit at no charge. It would arrive Monday."

"What equipment?"

"The equipment for your service."

"Yes. What equipment?"

"I said: the equipment for your service."

"Which is precisely what equipment? What exactly would be in the box?"

"Let's see, you... You're just getting Internet service, so it would be... You're providing your own modem, so that would... It would just be the instructions, I guess."

"And there is no cable wire attached to my house. So someone is still going to have to come to my house and do that. You can't UPS that to me."*

"No, that's true..."

"And that person can hand me the instructions, yes?"

"Yes, it's..."

"So what exactly is the point of this call?"

"Have a good day, sir."

*In fact, I expect that getting the wire to my house will take several hours. The pole it must come from has Comcast on it but no way to split any off for me. The next pole 50 feet away neither. The next stop is a flying tap off the suspended cables in the alley about 100 feet from that. The pole with the distribution amp is 30 feet from that. And the distribution amp is full; it has no available outputs.
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This morning I was accepted to be an officer of local chapter of an international organization called Geek Girl Brunch, and the midst of celebrating that, full of excitement and idea, I realized something. That I run a lot of things now, and all of them fill me with a deep kind of joy.

Geeky Orgs
SA Fans of Fiction (aka the SA Sci-Fi Group)
I am one of 5 maintainers/organizers of this nearly 1000 members group. While I am not the monetary backer of the group, I am the one everyone points to as being in charge, for during the year, all across it I plan, write-up and run 95% of the events (movies, cons, game nights, card nights, show nights, summer/winter geeky white elephant social, rewatches, pop up culture events, opera/symphony, etc).

Geek Girl Brunch (SA Chapter)
This is my newest one. A monthly fandom brunch for the lady's of any geek kind. I love running through everything on the website, but our grand opening will be in August. I hear through the grapevine that the first theme is probably Harry Potter.

Religious Groups
I've been a member for 11 years, and facilitator for at least half of that, and a council member of the 501c3 board for five years now. There are at least two things a month -- path and ritual. Then there's the council meeting very two months. A camping retreat twice a year. Before we even begin to add emergency meetings, ritual or path planning, as well as feedback on the ritual or path, for the ones I decide to help with.

Academic Orgs
[ Keeping in mind they told me not to get involved with anything outside of teaching my first year, and I got involved in three, as it doesn't entirely count in this list, but I'm now an every-outing ALE chaperone. ]
Book & Comic Club
super obvious this one, right? But who isn't down for a group all about books and comics. Especially when the kids are entirely down with reading, writing fan fic, talking about comics, and going to conventions for both comics and for young adult authors/libraries. Plus, we do movie showings across the year.

GRACE (Girls Reaching for Academic Confidence & Excellence)
Exactly what it sounds likes, too. This group is for all girls of all groups, all levels and grades. We have meetings once a month. We do services. We focus on the girls, both as alone and as making healthy relationships. We do projects, write poetry, talk about etiqeutte.

Our motto -- "I hold myself to a standard of GRACE not perfection"

Groups That Quasi Count
Wanderlust (SA Chapter)
Originally called "Go girl," this is my once a month or once every other month local chapter of another international organization all about women traveling the world and learning about extended cultures everywhere. I am currently in the running (with the need for an interview from the founder first) to be the co-runner of the chapter in my city, too.

SA Wine Meetup
This one is nothing like official, but I'm sort of the favorite of the runner, who relies on me for setup, explainations, pouring and breakdown at every meetup. She's, also, a wine touring company owner who has already announced she's stealing me after summer school ends to train me for how to be her second during said tours. So. Yeah.

Sacred Sisterhood of the Chakra
I don't really consider myself the leader of this one anymore than anyone else is. Everyone comes when they can, and brings what they can, and does what they can. One of the girls and I have been there the longest, but that's not part of how things work across the group. It's completely a community thing. (This one still has at least five years in the calendar.)

Important Groups I'm in but not running
SA Cooks Club & SA Visual Arts & Media


Amazingly somehow I don't really notice these things all at once, and they never stress me out individually and I've never really sat down and thought it out like this -- so it's never once stressed me out as a cumulative thing either. Which is crazy, because I keep adding to it. Not because I need to fill my time, but because I'm filled with such joy and passion for things that all I can says is Why wouldn't I want to help or make this available to other people with the passion?

I just got added to Geek Girl Brunch officers today. I'm already aware I'm going to have a third extracurricular group at school next year, because a friend and I are starting a Poetry Club for our high school, too. What it all really makes me think of is something that happened last week:

While out someone was inquiring about my time, while implying that I was too busy, and quote "if I ever got not busy and wanted to go have fun." I kid you not. And I turned that on a dime, like I've never turned an opener on a dime in my life.

Saying I was not busy, because this is my life. Like no hold's barred, the groups I'm in I'm in because I love the things i'm doing, and because in the way i'm doing them, because they are the things I'd go out and do alone, for fun, but this way, I'm surrounded with people who love each of those passions just as much as me in their own way. I get to have it and share it. Joy magnified.

And it felts so good.

To turn that back, to refuse rebelliously and joyfully this insinuation that something about doing these completely different things (even if he was only talking about one of them then) should be looked down on, or a slight. I felt so empowered and so proud of myself suddenly. For building this world, for loving these things, for refusing to let them be stomped on even a little.

About the Wimmins

Jun. 30th, 2015 03:45 pm
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1) If ever something needed a trigger warning I would think it was an opera/stage performance. It seems to me the immediacy of a live performance would make such an issue even worse and it sounds like it was a pretty horrid idea no matter how you look at it. Read more... )

2) Women on Waves is a project to deliver abortion pills to Polish women who are prevented from obtaining one by law. (Next stop: Texas).

3) Some discussion that the yes means yes effort may lead to new laws and classifications for sexual crimes.

4) Using computer algorithms to reduce bias in hiring can turn up interesting data. "Textio uncovered more than 25,000 phrases that indicate gender bias, said Kieran Snyder, its co-founder and chief executive. Language like “top-tier” and “aggressive” and sports or military analogies like “mission critical” decrease the proportion of women who apply for a job. Language like “partnerships” and “passion for learning” attract more women."

5) On a somewhat different topic, this article about the need for innovation in book planning and digital reading had some valid points but it seems to me it's overlooking a key issue -- readers. Books may suffer less from piracy than other mediums but that's mostly because fewer people care about reading them. Read more... )
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost When in doubt, check the train station. Most complete newsstands around. #mooseandsquirrel

Writing Long-Form and Me

Jun. 30th, 2015 12:45 pm
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When I was a teenager, my dream was to write a novel.

In the army, my dream was to write and publish a novel.

In my early twenties, I was convinced that it was just a matter of time before I wrote a publishable novel.

...I am terrible at writing novels.

Over the past fifteen or so years, I have been writing short fiction of various lengths and descriptions. I flatter myself that I have become quite good at it. I can look back at something I wrote two or three years ago and be largely pleased with it. Farther back than that, things get a little hazier. But no matter what else I've done, I've always struggled with writing longer form works of fiction.

Writing a novel is so easy and automatic an idea, that it took many years and many failed attempts before I considered the idea of not trying to write one. Most of my successful and satisfying works have been short fiction, and when I write in chaptered form I often feel like I'm floundering. Part of the impetus behind the Collar of the Damned project was to try and develop my short original fiction as part of a shared universe.

Then again, writing well-structured short fiction isn't easy, either. Looking back at the past few years of my writing, I feel like I have improved my pacing and structure a lot. Most often, when a story went past a certain length, I would structure it out of snippets clearly divided by sharp scene transitions. It made them read like chained vignettes. More recent stories are better paced and more cohesive in their structure.

Here are some hard numbers, primarily for my own reference: Read more... )

Almost here!

Jun. 29th, 2015 11:56 pm
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Almost here!
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Salmon pastrami, smoked scallops, pre-airport munchies.


Jun. 29th, 2015 08:01 pm
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Puppy.

Four Job Fiesta, day 3

Jun. 29th, 2015 12:32 pm
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A few weeks ago I had a craving for White Fence Farm, as it has been years since we've gone. I didn't mention this to my parents, though. They must've had the same craving, as we went yesterday! It was gooooood. I was surprised there was no wait to be seated, as that place used to be packed every time we went (and it's a BIG restaurant!).

Onto the Four Job Fiesta, day 3!

When we left off, I had just gotten the fire crystal jobs. The job assigned to me, Ranger, isn't available right away, so I continued on with 1 Berserker and 3 Knights.

I was still level 15 when I got to the Library of Ancients, so I did some grinding in the forests outside it so everyone hit 16, to guard against Level 5 Death. We took on Ifrit at level 16 - I had to use the two hi-potions I had, but no one died. I lost Lenna to a Wind Slash from Byblos, and used an Elixir on Galuf, but won against Byblos on my first try.

Died to a pack of Mini Dragons while hunting Ramuh, grr. We took on Ramuh at level 17; I let my Berserker kill him while the knights tossed potions.

Then we took on Shiva at level 18, after I unlocked Ranger. It was an easy fight, thanks in part to the Flame Bow.

Sandworm - died first try at level 18. Won second try, but lost Bartz (my Berserker) and had to use an elixir on one of my characters.

Crayclaw went down in just three hits, thanks to the Coral Swords my knights were using.

Adamantoise at level 18 was pretty easy, but had to use !Aim with Faris.

Flamethrowers went down in 3 hits each, thanks to Coral Swords/Thunder Bow. Rocket Launcher killed Bartz and Galuf due to confusion, grr.

Won against Soul Cannon on first try, but lost Bartz and Lenna, and ran out of phoenix downs. This meant that I used tents at save points in the Ronkan Ruins to get them back.

Archeoaevis was a win on the first try - the second form went down easy, to my surprise.

Purobolos was fought at level 21. Ended up with just Faris (my Ranger) left, but won on the second try. Used 2 elixirs and 2 phoenix downs.

Won against Titan on second try. Took about 5 hits, lost Faris though.

Manticore - five hits, no one died.

Successfully raided the Jackanapes den at level 21, though was left with only 8 potions remaining after exiting the dungeon.

Then I went to the Wind Shrine to do some Elixir hunting. After about 30 fights I started keeping track of my battles:

* 16 fights against a Black Goblin, White Serpent, Moldwynd formation
* 17 fights against 3 Moldwynd formation
* 3 fights against a Mani Wizard, Moldwynd, Black Goblin formation
* 10 fights against a White Serpent, Black Goblin formation

for a total of 46 fights, and four elixirs dropped. All elixirs dropped from the 3 Moldwynd formation. Before I started keeping track, I had gotten a 2-elixir drop from that formation.


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