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Oct. 21st, 2016 05:21 pm
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I'm diligently cogitating on my hlh_shortcuts story this time of year. I have an idea! I cannot share anything but my excitement about having a pretty awesome idea. Now I just need to write it!

And also -- I have a favor to ask -- I had written a fanfic quite a number of years ago called "Going to the Dogs". I'm pretty sure I never actually shared it, not even under f-lock, but I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone still hanging around here have any recollection of it at all? It's was quite a long story (~45k) and in the Rat Patrol fandom (I know....bizarre, right?) and I've always thought it'd be a marvelous non-fandom story once I went in and did some serious editing. I remember showing it to one friend and getting some feedback about needing a good British/English editor because I'd tried to set it in England and I did not have the vernacular right.

I've been looking, but can't find that I ever shared it, which I hope is the case, because that'll make it infinitely easier to strip it down and rebuild it. Anyone?
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The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation runs a yearly competition for interactive fiction called IFComp. Though it’s been flourishing for many years, I hadn’t heard about it before this year, and too late to be able to plan and execute a worthy submission. Still, nothing’s preventing me from browsing the 50-odd submissions and looking for something to catch my eye. As a novice to IF I’ve only had hands-on experience with a very few platforms for writing or playing it. IFComp, though, exposes a whole array of techniques and manipulations that I wasn’t previously familiar with. Needless to say, this affected my play experience significantly.

Eight characters, a number, and a happy ending – K.G. Orphanides

This was the first entry I played. Eight characters is a parser game, where commands can be entered in the text box or through navigation links. Some of the commands are helpfully explained in the in-universe manuals. Some are fairly intuitive, once you catch the trick of it – another effect of my being a novice player. I fussed for a long time over trying to open a simple chest before I learned to adjust to the game’s expectations.

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Oct. 20th, 2016 03:58 pm
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1) For those who have opened Imzy accounts but haven't really been on the site, you may want to know the following about upcoming changes as they prepare to exit beta:

"If you don’t want your profile to be able to show up in search results or you don’t want people who are logged out of Imzy to be able to view your profile, you can go edit your profile" and there will be a checkbox allowing you to opt out.

Because my profile appears on my account page, which compiles all my comments and posts made anywhere on Imzy, I asked the following: Read more... )

2) Speaking of sharing content, my guess is that well targeted sharing works better:

"A widespread assumption is that the more content is liked or shared, the more engaging it must be, the more willing people are to devote their attention to it. However, the data doesn’t back that up. We looked at 10,000 socially-shared articles and found that there is no relationship whatsoever between the amount a piece of content is shared and the amount of attention an average reader will give that content."

3) I'm pretty surprised than in this article about visual prejudice in making choices that they don't bring up why blind auditions were instituted in the first place -- to neutralize gender-bias in selecting orchestra members.

4) Wow, I knew that Halt and Catch Fire had been losing viewers but I didn't realize it was this bad. I doubt many other networks would have granted it a final season after a drop off like this.

Also interesting is that for all its chatter and Emmy nominations, The Night Manager only did better than Halt and a few other shows on the network. Of course, it had 6 episodes compared to more of the others, but if anything I'd expect that to bump its ratings because people didn't have to stick with as many. Read more... )

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Oct. 19th, 2016 11:16 pm
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I've been trying to watch more vids lately. I've got a collection downloaded that I mostly watch on shuffle at work, and I've worn it out, it needs fresh meat. I've also got a backlog of vids bookmarked to watch stretching back years. So this shouldn't be a problem.

And yet. I wind up feeling bad about every part of it.

* Some comments I don't leave, because I can't put my thoughts into words.
* Some comments I do leave, and reread for any possible negative interpretation.
* Some vids I don't finish watching, because I don't understand the appeal.
* Some vids I don't like and I don't know why -- the song, the fandom, I like both, even the thematic approach is interesting, but I just don't care, I don't like the vid, I must be doing it wrong, if I were a better viewer or nicer person or just better I would enjoy it and know what to say and be kind and friendly and not an antisocial asshole.

I'm just wrong.

New Comic Book Day version

Oct. 19th, 2016 10:32 pm
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Jem and the Holograms #20 :/ )

Space Battle Lunchtime #5 :D )

So, it's been announced that A-Force #10 is the last issue, and a lot of people are sad, and I'm really sort of shrug about it. I'm sad for Kelly that she's lost a gig, but she also has gigs and is on track to get more, I think. And I never really connected with the material? I don't know, maybe the cast was too big. I liked the Secret Wars book, but the ANAD one just didn't grab me. Partly, I sat on the last 2? 3? issues because I didn't want to read Civil War II stuff. I can't wait for that to be over, it's so dumb and it made Carol such an asshole.

Also got into a long, weird Twitter discussion with someone about the cover art they're slinging around for Ironheart/Riri Williams. Like, I get that there are actual fifteen year olds with very mature bodies who walk around with exposed midriffs a lot, but can we not let this black girl just be a teenage girl instead of ~sexy~? I feel it's offbrand with so much of the great stuff they've been doing with female heroes and for female audiences. Not sure if it's so out of step because it's Bendis or because it's Iron Man? Possibly both.

Hearing but not seeing

Oct. 19th, 2016 04:04 pm
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1) Rather interesting, though I can't say I'm particularly surprised -- after all, few people are in worse financial circumstances than single mothers and Trump certainly isn't speaking to them:

"Earlier this year, primary exit polls revealed that Trump voters were, in fact, more affluent than most Americans, with a median household income of $72,000 – higher than that of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporters. Forty-four percent of them had college degrees, well above the national average of 33% among whites or 29% overall. In January, political scientist Matthew MacWilliams reported findings that a penchant for authoritarianism – not income, education, gender, age or race –predicted Trump support." Read more... )

2) I heard a story about Subaru marketing and the following caught my attention:

"One ad campaign showed Subaru cars that had license plates that said “Xena LVR” (a reference to Xena: Warrior Princess, a TV show whose female protagonists seemed to be lovers) ... “It's Not a Choice. It's the Way We're Built” could refer to all Subarus coming with all-wheel-drive—or LGBT identity." Read more... )

3) Fanfiction writers alert: Do people smell different by age? Yes. Read more... )
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Apparently I managed to find and bring the San Francisco summer back to New England. 84F in Boston on October 19; cherishing the likely-last bare-legged day of the year.

Crappy day, good night

Oct. 18th, 2016 11:36 pm
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I couldn't get off my ass this morning, it just took forever to get out of the bathroom, get dressed (even though what I was wearing was already laid out), and get out the door. So I missed the 7 am bus, even though there were two of them (6:45 bus was late again.)

Then the 7:20 bus didn't arrive until almost 7:40, and there was traffic getting into DC, so we were 20 minutes late on that end, and, therefore, despite waking up at 6:30, I didn't get to my office until just after 9. D: And since I had gotten up at 6:30, I was dressed in my gym clothes, with the expectation that I would bike half an hour, shower, and dress in work clothes, which got cut to just dressing in work clothes, so I felt vaguely grimy all day.

I made oatmeal for breakfast at work, but I ate it cold and it just felt crappy to eat, even though it had peanutbutter and banana, which I normally like a lot.

I couldn't get my act together to actually accomplish much until the very end of the day, when I wrote 3 pages of notes for Christine about how much she sucks. D: (She doesn't actually suck, they just don't know everything for their job yet, but it felt like what I was doing.)

And I ended up leaving work later than I wanted to, about 5:50. D:

But I went to Whole Foods and had ramen (double vegetables, double pork belly) and macaroni and cheese for dinner, then I went to the Kennedy Center and watched Danish Dance Theater perform Black Diamond.

It was a really beautiful piece, very stylized, and it had a lot of things I like: echoing between performers, callbacks to earlier in the piece, a dude being lifted repeatedly, performers making sound with their bodies, both fluid and staccato movement, and choreography that very clearly and playfully interacts with the music. Some things I am less wild about, too: movement suggestive of hip hop but not performed with hip hop skills, which I find really annoying. Either foot the bill for a dance master to come teach you guys about sharpness and power strikes and fucking actual synchronicity (why do contemporary dancers not want to actually make the same movements at the same time? Forever I'm seeing people choose different angles, different scope of movement, different force, different quality of movement when two people have clearly been given the same movement to perform) or GTFO. Also, the slightly gendered costume and breaking the corps up into gendered groups in a piece which is not actually about gender and seems to speak more to our relationship with technology and the mediated world than our romantic or familial relationships. By slightly gendered costume, I mean things like putting the women in fitted bandeau tops and the men without shirts, but everyone is wearing a great coat and dancers of both apparent sexes are wearing skirts or pants. Like, we actually could have put everyone in fitted bandeau tops?

Also, it did this thing at the end which I think was supposed to be uplifting, but actually struck me as deeply fucky creeping. sexual assault-ish )

That said, though, I really enjoyed Black Diamond and would recommend going to see it!

Also, while I was faffing around at work, I signed up for [profile] holly_polly! And I've made a journal entry for the first time in a while.

So, it started bad and ended well.

P.S. How do I not have a dance icon?

Two birds with one stone

Oct. 18th, 2016 07:13 am
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I think I am going to make an "exploding Tardis" rag quilt using denim from our pile of old jeans waiting to be thrown out (it's a case of being too worn to repair, but so much otherwise good fabric...).

In other quilting news, I'm about 40% done on the Barn Bats mini quilt: I cut my strips, sewed them together, cut them at a 60-degree angle to form the component units, sewed all the "face" strips together, and am working on sewing the "wing" strips to the faces.

The plan for my Goldfinch Quilt hit a bump when the accent fabric turned out to be a true orange rather than a yellow orange: The pattern I want for it doesn't seem to come in a compatible color, so now I have to look for something else. 
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Now you see it, now you don't. Hide and seek with the Sutro Tower and @karlthefog.


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