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Apr. 24th, 2014 01:16 pm
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In a few months, my subscription to Avast Internet Security will be up. I have been considering switching to something else for a bit now, but (after reading up on both through various forums such as the Wilder Security Forums, and articles, as well as sifting through the AV Comparative tests to narrow it down) I can’t decide between these two. So have a poll--and if you have experience with either, whether it’s good or bad, please let me know.

Or let me know if either one would have a problem co-existing with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. Because that’s one that I really won’t be giving up anytime soon.

Poll #15272 Which Antivirus Should I Switch To?
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Shine and Fezzik at play

Apr. 24th, 2014 12:11 pm
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I took this week as a vacation so I could catch up on few things but I have been feeling under the weather since Good Friday so I am not getting a lot done. I did, however, finally get around to finishing two old posts: this one from April 11th introducing Shine and this one from April 17th about our first week at puppy kindergarten.

And here are some videos of Shine and Fezzik playing together:

(Link in case embedding fails: )
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Shine was about 17.6 pounds last week at the vet's. I don't think she's up to 20 yet. She and Fezzik adore each other and Fezzik is overjoyed when Shine comes back after being away for the day (I think he's afraid he's not going to get to keep her).

Shine and I had our first Puppy Kindergarten class last night. Shine got to meet seventeen new people (thirteen people who came with their puppies and four trainers) at class and nine (of ten) new dogs:

Wembly (black male Newf - about 45 pounds -- Shine was not at all intimidated by the big black dog, who was, after all, smaller and less bouncy than Fezzik)
Sasha - terrier/beagle mix (the bigger of the two white-and-fawn short-haired dogs, maybe a little taller than Shine, but lighter)
Amore - terrier mix (the smaller of the two white-and-fawn short-haired dogs, about two-thirds of Sasha-the-mix's size, constantly wanted to wrestle with Sasha-the-terrier-mix)
Penny - b&w hound/boxer mix (tallest puppy in class, maybe 25 pounds, but very shy, she ended up sharing the dedicated "small puppy" area with Maggie and Libby. Penny and the two terrier mixes are all rescues from southern states)
Sasha - the younger/smaller black Lab girl (roughly shine's size)
Summit - the older/bigger black Lab girl (a bit bigger than Shine)
Maggie - Shi zhu - with couple & two middle-school girls (Maggie is teeny, tiny, probably weighs less than a pound - Shine didn't actually meet her)
Libby - Maltese (very small but she seemed to like Shine and Shine knows to be respectful of small white dogs on account of the one she lives with at home)
Thorn - fawn male PB (about Shine's height, but stockier and heavier)
Bella - blue female PB (a little smaller than Shine and maybe the same weight as Shine)

DogSchool Staff: Karen, Allison, Jen, & another trainer whose name I've forgotten (and I left out the other puppies' owners' names -- only three of which I remember -- because I'm pretty good with dogs but not so good at people!)

We had introductions and some play time, worked a little on sit, down, and come (all interspersed with more playing), went out for a potty break, and then sat in a circle and passed all the puppies around the circle. Each time we changed puppies, we gave them treats and did something with the puppy in our laps: looked in their ears, played with their feet, jiggled their collar, held them in our lap, etc. (The two little girls with Maggie were given string cheese, which was the best treat on offer at class, to give to the puppies.) Then the puppies got to play a little more before class ended for the night.
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My default bat image isn't being displayed: instead it seems to be a picture of five rotary-cutting disks.

So Much Spam

Apr. 24th, 2014 07:46 am
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In the last few days, I have had four spam comments from anonymous journals hit my most recent Livejournal posts. Annoying, but they are being cleaned up within a couple hours of them being posted. Thankfully, I always have it screened for comments if it's someone that hasn't friended me or if it's an anonymous post. It seems to be simply random gibberish.

Edit: And there's another one, to this very entry on LJ as of 10:15 AM. Deleted that one, too.
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Call me jealous of [personal profile] andrewducker (which in some barely-subliminal way, I probably am) but either way, for once...just once...I want to post some really Interesting Links of my own, so without any further ado:

Hat tip to the Techs...

Hat tip to the White Hats ( this is/was an old passion of mine)...

Hat tip to the Science...

Hat tip to You, ready to bust a move (I've signed up for both)...

Hat tip to the Old Skool Internet...

  • Watch grass grow (guys! guys! check out the Geocities design and typewriter text - it's nearly stroke-inducing)

Hat tip to who inspired this...

If you're into browsing through lists of interesting links (a true joy of mine since oh, 2004 or so) [personal profile] andrewducker maintains the gold standard on that so go check his DW out.

Bright as yellow. #nofilter

Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:56 pm
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Bright as yellow. #nofilter


Apr. 22nd, 2014 09:51 pm
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I'm trying really hard to be too sensible to fall in love with an apartment at first sight and rush into a contract that I might end up regretting. I keep listing all the faults, most especially the fact that it's a studio/one room. Right now I live in a one bedroom with a living room, like a fully-fledged grownup apartment. It has pros and cons. The smart money's on a studio seeming cramped after downsizing, as opposed to cozy or convenient or, IDK, easier to keep clean.

I'll look at more places tomorrow evening, but how long can I string him along before someone else snatches it up? I really don't even know.
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three bottles of wine

A bounty of wine! These were on sale at the grocery store today, 3/ 9.97! Obviously that was a sign that I had to buy them. :D So I’ve got a Gallo, a Stone Cellars and a Ste. Genevieve Pink Moscato to try out. The Gallo is chilling now, it appears to be the lightest in color (in the bottle). We’ll see how it goes. :D
Read more... )

I might do something like this again if I can find a sale on three versions of a wine I like the taste of. :)

only 5 months until snowboarding!

Apr. 21st, 2014 08:05 pm
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Yesterday was the last day, and boy, did I hit a lot of runs. I caught some air, and manage a few little 180s. I fell down a lot, and skidded forever! It was warm and sunny, and the snow was soft and forgiving. It was fantastic.

Now I've gotta train hard for my triathlon, and for 5 months from now when I can hit the slopes again!


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