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Some blog feeds of sci-fi and fantasy authors:

Kameron Hurley
Author of God's War, Infidel, and Rapture, which are the Bel Dame Apocrypha series.
[syndicated profile] kameronhurley_feed

Michelle West / Michelle Sagara
Best known for her Sun Sword series and the 'Cast In' series.
[syndicated profile] michellesagarawest_feed

N. K. Jemisin
Best known for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which is part of the Inheritance Trilogy
[syndicated profile] nkjemisin_feed

Tobias Buckell
Best known for Crystal Rain, Sly Mongoose, and writing several Halo novelizations
[syndicated profile] tobiasbuckell_feed
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... created for Tumblr accounts:

[syndicated profile] fy_robins_feed: "Robin: Making Batman Look Good Since 1940." Fuck Yeah, Robins! posts scans, fanart, and official art about any of Batman's Robin sidekicks (i.e. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, and Carrie Kelly).

[syndicated profile] eyesmightbite_feed: New. Eyes Might Bite is dedicated to the Corinthian, from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics (and its spin-offs). Posts scans, quotes, general info, fan art, and fic links.
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[syndicated profile] heyoscarwilde_feed showcases different artists' interpretations of literary characters, authors, and so on. Some examples I think are pretty neat include Edgar Allan Poe by Nathan Stapley, Rod Serling by Scott Campbell, and Lord of the Flies by Sam Weber.

It's pretty cool, you should probably check it out.
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A variety of feeds that I've made over the last few months (at least, I'm pretty sure I made all these--if not, I do at least think they're good!):

[syndicated profile] judge_a_book_feed - Judge A Book By Its Cover collects terrible book covers and snarks them.
[syndicated profile] queryshark_feed - The Query Shark reads query letters for people interested in submitting manuscripts to publishers and notes what's wrong with them. Very useful and entertaining.
[syndicated profile] trappedintheattic_feed - Trapped in the Attic mocks V.C. Andrews books in an almost frighteningly detailed way. Author is on hiatus but coming back soon, and in the meantime, archives include a complete snark of My Sweet Audrina.

[syndicated profile] amazingspiderads_feed - The Amazing Spider-Ads blog, collecting ads that ran in Marvel Comics over the years.
[syndicated profile] scottmeetsfamcircus_feed - Scott Meets Family Circus, an occasionally-updated collection of Family Circus comics with extra panels including the titular Scott.
[syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed - Snowflakes, a M-W-F comic strip about orphans. Enjoyable for all ages.

Et cetera
[syndicated profile] awkward_boners_feed - Awkward Boners, a blog specializing in pictures of cocks in inopportune places. Not entirely work-safe, though penises are always covered by some kind of fabric.
[syndicated profile] babynamewizard_feed - The blog of Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard (which is basically the best new thing to come out for names in the entirety of the last decade). Good discussion of names and American society; would definitely recommend glancing at it if you're interested in either subject.
[syndicated profile] coverlaydown_feed - Cover song downloads, all by folk artists. Tends to be interesting, updates regularly.
[syndicated profile] tackyweddings_feed - Tacky Weddings shows off pictures of--well, tacky weddings. Hasn't updated for a bit, but always a treat when it does.
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[syndicated profile] bookmoochblog_feed
Feed of the BookMooch Blog.

[syndicated profile] dearauthor_feed
Feed of Dear Author: romance novel reviews, commentary, and industry news.

[syndicated profile] mobileread_feed
Feed of the MobileRead front page, about ebooks, ebook readers, and various related tech, programs, and commentary.

[syndicated profile] writerbeware_feed
Feed of Writer Beware!
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[syndicated profile] suvudu_feed - A feed for the wonderful site, which features a myriad of articles on books, comics, writing, movies, authors... and why aren't you adding it already? ;-)
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[syndicated profile] green_prophet_feed
From their website: "Green Prophet is an environment news and destination site reporting on Israel and the Middle East."

[syndicated profile] nedroidcomics_feed
Nedroid Comics on LJ.

[syndicated profile] whatclaudiawore_feed
"a look into the closet of Stoneybrook's most fashion-forward babysitter."
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I made this feed a few days ago while I only had an OpenID account.

[syndicated profile] archetypewriter_feed

It is part of, which is called "The fiction writer's guide to using psychology"
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[syndicated profile] nickelinthemachine_feed: Only my favorite blog ever. If you like history, London, photography, pop music, popular culture or scandalous anecdotes, you need to subscribe to this. If you don't like any of those things, you might need to try it anyway.

[syndicated profile] 538_feed: Politics. Charts. Analysis. It was addictive during the US elections and is still remarkably good now.

[syndicated profile] torque_control_feed: Vector, the journal of the British Science Fiction Association, keeps you up to date with the world of SF and offers some great analysis along the way.

[syndicated profile] fmh_feed: Feminist Mormon Housewives. I'm not Mormon or a housewife, but one out of three ain't bad. They have great discussions on religion and women's issues.
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I thought I'd share a couple of feeds I've made:

[syndicated profile] davidbordwell_feed - 'observations on film art', insightful & highly enjoyable; with occasional posts from Kristin Thompson
[syndicated profile] henryjenkins_feed I'd say HJ's blog is da hub for fan studies for the time being
[syndicated profile] onlinefandom_feed Nancy Baym's blog, online/music fan studies

[syndicated profile] lawrencelessig_feed Larry Lessig -- yes, he's moved on from Creative Commons, but he's still posting pertinent stuff.
[syndicated profile] eff_feed updates from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

[syndicated profile] games_slashdot_feed news for gaming nerds and...uh, wannabe nerds

[syndicated profile] ansible_feed for what's up in old-skool sff fandom
[syndicated profile] scalziwhatever_feed 'Whatever', John Scalzi's blog.

I hope you find them useful :)
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Smart Stuff:

[syndicated profile] aichildlit_feed - Critical reviews of presentation of Native Americans in children's literature

[syndicated profile] shapelyprose_feed - Kate Harding's Shapely Prose, "humorless feminism and fat acceptance." By "humorless," she actually means "hilarious."

Funny Stuff:

[syndicated profile] chaucerblog_feed - Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

[syndicated profile] irregularcomic_feed - Irregular Webcomic. Various intertwined Lego adventures.

[syndicated profile] somethingpositive_feed - Something Positive (okay, it's not that funny)

[syndicated profile] theonion_feed - The Onion

Historical Stuff:

[syndicated profile] bibliodyssey_feed - Gorgeous images from historical books (mostly Renaissance)

[syndicated profile] medievalstuff_feed - Medieval Material Culture Blog, frequently updated with news articles and information about exhibits relating to medieval and Renaissance material culture ("stuff").

[syndicated profile] paternosters_feed - Geeky stuff about the history and making of paternosters.

Cute Stuff:

[syndicated profile] cuteoverload_feed - Yes, the comments are often a bit dramatic, but the animals are still cute!


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