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If you're interested in desi stuff (sourcelander and/or diaspora):

* [syndicated profile] aerogram_feed: The Aerogram is "a curated take on South Asian art, literature, life and news".
* [syndicated profile] caravanmagazine_feed: The Caravan is an Indian news magazine focusing on long-form narrative journalism.
* [syndicated profile] chapatimystery_feed: Chapati Mystery is a sometimes-group academic blog focusing on South Asian studies.

Scifi/fantasy magazines:

* [syndicated profile] strangehorizons_all_feed: Strange Horizons
* [syndicated profile] mithilareview_feed: Mithila Review
* [syndicated profile] luna_station_mag_feed: Luna Station Quarterly
* [syndicated profile] expandedhorizons_feed: Expanded Horizons

Scifi/fantasy authors:

* [syndicated profile] jo_walton_blog_feed: Jo Walton, known for the "Small Change" series (starting with Farthing), My Real Children, Among Others, and more
* [syndicated profile] ada_palmer_feed: "Ex Urbe" blog by Ada Palmer, known for the "Terra Ignota" series (starting with Too Like the Lightning), Renaissance history, music composition, and more. (It's also worth checking [syndicated profile] crooked_timber_feed because Crooked Timber has hosted book seminars on Palmer's and Walton's work)
* [syndicated profile] mamohanraj_feed: Mary Anne Mohanraj, known for co-founding Strange Horizons, for erotica, and for online and local activism, and more
* [syndicated profile] vajrachandrasekera_feed: Vajra Chandrasekera, known for "Applied Cenotaphics in the Long, Long Longitudes" and other stories, and for critical essays

Scifi/fantasy conventions/related:

* [syndicated profile] wisconblog_feed: WisCon, a feminist scifi convention
* [syndicated profile] con_or_bust_feed: Con or Bust, which helps fans of color get to cons

And: [syndicated profile] cooltools_feed: Cool Tools, a site where people recommend "any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true".
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I'm itching to see at least two more subscribers to the [syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed I created a few days ago. That's all it will take to get in the top 1000 feeds and be the only My Little Pony related feed in the top 1000. No My Little Pony feeds in the top 1000 on DreamWidth?! The horror!

[syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed is a nice way to brighten up your reading page with breaking MLP news without being quite as frantic as Equestria Daily, so it shouldn't drown the rest of the contributions to your reading page. 8^)

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[syndicated profile] copenhagenize_com_feed
"Bringing Copenhagen Bicycle Culture to the world. In city councils around the world they speak of 'Copenhagenizing' their streets to accomodate bikes. Here in the Danish capital, it's just a way of life, as the photos and blog entries will highlight. Bike advocacy, inspiration, passion, opinions and inconvenient truths."

An interesting intersection between bicycle advocacy and urban planning.
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tomato_nation_feed -- Tomato Nation, Sarah Bunting's blog (Sars, formerly of TWoP before the Bravo buyout). Books/tv/movie reviews, baseball, cats, and a kickass weekly advice column.

tn_comments_feed -- The comments are pretty active, and are at least half the fun (especially on the advice columns).
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A variety of feeds that I've made over the last few months (at least, I'm pretty sure I made all these--if not, I do at least think they're good!):

[syndicated profile] judge_a_book_feed - Judge A Book By Its Cover collects terrible book covers and snarks them.
[syndicated profile] queryshark_feed - The Query Shark reads query letters for people interested in submitting manuscripts to publishers and notes what's wrong with them. Very useful and entertaining.
[syndicated profile] trappedintheattic_feed - Trapped in the Attic mocks V.C. Andrews books in an almost frighteningly detailed way. Author is on hiatus but coming back soon, and in the meantime, archives include a complete snark of My Sweet Audrina.

[syndicated profile] amazingspiderads_feed - The Amazing Spider-Ads blog, collecting ads that ran in Marvel Comics over the years.
[syndicated profile] scottmeetsfamcircus_feed - Scott Meets Family Circus, an occasionally-updated collection of Family Circus comics with extra panels including the titular Scott.
[syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed - Snowflakes, a M-W-F comic strip about orphans. Enjoyable for all ages.

Et cetera
[syndicated profile] awkward_boners_feed - Awkward Boners, a blog specializing in pictures of cocks in inopportune places. Not entirely work-safe, though penises are always covered by some kind of fabric.
[syndicated profile] babynamewizard_feed - The blog of Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard (which is basically the best new thing to come out for names in the entirety of the last decade). Good discussion of names and American society; would definitely recommend glancing at it if you're interested in either subject.
[syndicated profile] coverlaydown_feed - Cover song downloads, all by folk artists. Tends to be interesting, updates regularly.
[syndicated profile] tackyweddings_feed - Tacky Weddings shows off pictures of--well, tacky weddings. Hasn't updated for a bit, but always a treat when it does.
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dinosaurs and robots blog: [syndicated profile] dinosaurs_and_robots_feed

Dinosaurs and Robots is a new blog about objects by Mister Jalopy and Mark Frauenfelder.

Rather than focus on the newest trend, we will seek authentic, handy, rarefied, disgusting, illuminating, delicious, mysterious, intoxicating, commonplace, historic, intensely personal, entertaining and enlightened objects, both priceless heirlooms and exquisite trash.
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[syndicated profile] abstrusegoose_feed – For the webcomic Abstruse Goose. You'll enjoy this comic if you like xkcd and PHD Comics. I have an entry with my favorites here.
[syndicated profile] cyanideandhappiness_feed – For the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness.
[syndicated profile] mydadisafob_feed – For the quotes blog My Dad Is a Fob.
[syndicated profile] mymomisafob_feed – For the quotes blog My Mom Is a Fob.
[syndicated profile] pbf_comics_feed – For the webcomic Perry Bible Fellowship—it's rarely updated nowadays, but I still have hope!
[syndicated profile] thisiswhyyourefat_feed – For the picture blog This Is Why You're Fat.
[syndicated profile] wtf_nature_feed – For Livejournal's [ profile] wtf_nature. Updates have slowed down because it seems that moderation has slowed, but it still updates about once a week and provides some of the best "WTF, NATURE!" moments I've had. :P
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[syndicated profile] bookmoochblog_feed
Feed of the BookMooch Blog.

[syndicated profile] dearauthor_feed
Feed of Dear Author: romance novel reviews, commentary, and industry news.

[syndicated profile] mobileread_feed
Feed of the MobileRead front page, about ebooks, ebook readers, and various related tech, programs, and commentary.

[syndicated profile] writerbeware_feed
Feed of Writer Beware!
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[syndicated profile] wethreecats_feed: artist and author Jackie Morris's three ginger cats (plus several other cats and two dogs) blog about their lives at home with her in rural Wales. Sometimes Jackie gets a word in too.

Feed dump!

Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:24 am
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[syndicated profile] absolutepunk_feed
News feed for the music forum

[syndicated profile] angry_asian_man_feed
Feed for the Angry Asian Man, which discusses racism and appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture.

[syndicated profile] astoundingsounds_feed
An awesome music upload blog. (Obviously, if you are able to, support the artists you like by buying their stuff.)

[syndicated profile] feministe_feed
Feed for the Feministe blog.

[syndicated profile] keltiecolleen_feed
Feed for the blog of dancer Keltie Colleen.

[syndicated profile] mattdoyle_feed
Feed for the blog of Matt Doyle, who you may know from the play Spring Awakening and his role on Gossip Girl as Jonathan, Eric's boyfriend.

[syndicated profile] rarebirdfinds_feed
Shopping blog for unique gifts.

[syndicated profile] williambeckett_feed
Blog of The Academy Is...'s lead singer William Beckett.


Apr. 21st, 2009 01:24 pm
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Some favorite miscellaneous feeds: cultural, political, gastronomical

Gothic Charm School: [syndicated profile] gothiccharmschool_feed
A Dress A Day: [syndicated profile] dressaday_feed
Jonathan [syndicated profile] jonathancoulton_feed
Pam's House Blend: [syndicated profile] pamshouseblend_feed
Ta-Nehisi Coates: [syndicated profile] tanehisicoates_feed
The Accidental Hedonist: [syndicated profile] accidentalhedonist_feed
King Arthur Bakes: [syndicated profile] kingarthurbakes_feed
Michael Ruhlman: [syndicated profile] ruhlman_feed


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