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I'm itching to see at least two more subscribers to the [syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed I created a few days ago. That's all it will take to get in the top 1000 feeds and be the only My Little Pony related feed in the top 1000. No My Little Pony feeds in the top 1000 on DreamWidth?! The horror!

[syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed is a nice way to brighten up your reading page with breaking MLP news without being quite as frantic as Equestria Daily, so it shouldn't drown the rest of the contributions to your reading page. 8^)

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[syndicated profile] fuckyoupenguin_feed - for when the animal kingdom is so cute it makes you angry.
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Smart Stuff:

[syndicated profile] aichildlit_feed - Critical reviews of presentation of Native Americans in children's literature

[syndicated profile] shapelyprose_feed - Kate Harding's Shapely Prose, "humorless feminism and fat acceptance." By "humorless," she actually means "hilarious."

Funny Stuff:

[syndicated profile] chaucerblog_feed - Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

[syndicated profile] irregularcomic_feed - Irregular Webcomic. Various intertwined Lego adventures.

[syndicated profile] somethingpositive_feed - Something Positive (okay, it's not that funny)

[syndicated profile] theonion_feed - The Onion

Historical Stuff:

[syndicated profile] bibliodyssey_feed - Gorgeous images from historical books (mostly Renaissance)

[syndicated profile] medievalstuff_feed - Medieval Material Culture Blog, frequently updated with news articles and information about exhibits relating to medieval and Renaissance material culture ("stuff").

[syndicated profile] paternosters_feed - Geeky stuff about the history and making of paternosters.

Cute Stuff:

[syndicated profile] cuteoverload_feed - Yes, the comments are often a bit dramatic, but the animals are still cute!
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I added the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee feed, because everyone needs cute kitties in their life.

[syndicated profile] ittybittykitty_feed


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