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I've started a dreamwidth feed for my sprite comic FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! at [syndicated profile] f4e_feed

One is out for revenge.
One guards a cursed treasure.
One resurrects the minions of Doom.
One turns cranks needlessly. They are... FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!
A bunch of video game monsters acting like innocent 12 year olds

[syndicated profile] f4e_feed
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I've created a feed for Stephen's better half, Edna:

Excerpt from Edna's Twitter bio: Edna Fry - Stephen's poor, downtrodden wife & mother of his five, six or possibly seven kids.

Link to her Twitter page:
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I just created a feed for Tree Lobsters (you can't prove they don't exist) at
It typically updates every three days.
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Hi! I created two feeds recently: Stuff you missed in history class.

These are 10-15 minute long podcasts on various and eclectic subjects such as Michelangelo, the Medici, the history of Vaudeville.

And Twitter updates from The Onion, a mock newspaper.

If you subscribe to this, don't click on the Twitter URLs, but the 2nd URL beneath those. A few samples: Exhibitionist Zoo Elephants Waiting For Crowd To Gather Before Screwing (picture); Mean Scientists Dash Hopes Of Life On Mars (article); Taco Bell's Five Ingredients Combined In Totally New Way (audio)
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tomato_nation_feed -- Tomato Nation, Sarah Bunting's blog (Sars, formerly of TWoP before the Bravo buyout). Books/tv/movie reviews, baseball, cats, and a kickass weekly advice column.

tn_comments_feed -- The comments are pretty active, and are at least half the fun (especially on the advice columns).
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A variety of feeds that I've made over the last few months (at least, I'm pretty sure I made all these--if not, I do at least think they're good!):

[syndicated profile] judge_a_book_feed - Judge A Book By Its Cover collects terrible book covers and snarks them.
[syndicated profile] queryshark_feed - The Query Shark reads query letters for people interested in submitting manuscripts to publishers and notes what's wrong with them. Very useful and entertaining.
[syndicated profile] trappedintheattic_feed - Trapped in the Attic mocks V.C. Andrews books in an almost frighteningly detailed way. Author is on hiatus but coming back soon, and in the meantime, archives include a complete snark of My Sweet Audrina.

[syndicated profile] amazingspiderads_feed - The Amazing Spider-Ads blog, collecting ads that ran in Marvel Comics over the years.
[syndicated profile] scottmeetsfamcircus_feed - Scott Meets Family Circus, an occasionally-updated collection of Family Circus comics with extra panels including the titular Scott.
[syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed - Snowflakes, a M-W-F comic strip about orphans. Enjoyable for all ages.

Et cetera
[syndicated profile] awkward_boners_feed - Awkward Boners, a blog specializing in pictures of cocks in inopportune places. Not entirely work-safe, though penises are always covered by some kind of fabric.
[syndicated profile] babynamewizard_feed - The blog of Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard (which is basically the best new thing to come out for names in the entirety of the last decade). Good discussion of names and American society; would definitely recommend glancing at it if you're interested in either subject.
[syndicated profile] coverlaydown_feed - Cover song downloads, all by folk artists. Tends to be interesting, updates regularly.
[syndicated profile] tackyweddings_feed - Tacky Weddings shows off pictures of--well, tacky weddings. Hasn't updated for a bit, but always a treat when it does.


Jul. 24th, 2009 12:08 pm
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Now working: [syndicated profile] tavicat_feed

@tavicat: The story of two adorable house cats and the dark gods they worship.

When they get around to it.

Both co-authors worked on the Invader Zim series (by Jhonen Vasquez), as well as numerous print-media comics and manga.
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[syndicated profile] acomiclifeindeed_feed

A Comic Life, Indeed is Miss Waxie's cut-and-paste style webcomic about her adventure with undiagnosed and misdiagnosed chronic illness.
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I just created feeds for two webcomics I'm fond of, and I thought I'd share.

[syndicated profile] mediumlarge_feed is Medium-Large, the webcomic side project of Ces Marciuliano, aka That Guy Who Draws Sally Forth. It updates Monday through Friday and often skewers established newspaper comic strips and politics.

[syndicated profile] americanelf_feed is American Elf, James Kochalka's comic strip diary. It updates every day, and each comic is something that happened to him that day.

eta: While we're at it, [syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed is Snowflakes, an all-ages webcomic set in an orphanage set in the Andes mountains. It's a little ridiculous but a little fun, too, and updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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[syndicated profile] beatonna_feed:
A feed for the LiveJournal of Hark! A Vagrant, an online collection of history-related comics by Kate Beaton. The LiveJournal includes not only updates with comics from Beaton but a few general posts about history, writing comics, and life, as well as recs for other great comics found online.

[syndicated profile] oz_big_bang_feed:
This is a feed for the LJ community [ profile] oz_big_bang. The community describes itself as "a project where a bunch of crazy people write a minimum of 25,000 words, and another bunch of crazy people get to create artwork to go with them." This year is Oz fandom's first big bang so please follow if you're interested.
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[syndicated profile] abstrusegoose_feed – For the webcomic Abstruse Goose. You'll enjoy this comic if you like xkcd and PHD Comics. I have an entry with my favorites here.
[syndicated profile] cyanideandhappiness_feed – For the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness.
[syndicated profile] mydadisafob_feed – For the quotes blog My Dad Is a Fob.
[syndicated profile] mymomisafob_feed – For the quotes blog My Mom Is a Fob.
[syndicated profile] pbf_comics_feed – For the webcomic Perry Bible Fellowship—it's rarely updated nowadays, but I still have hope!
[syndicated profile] thisiswhyyourefat_feed – For the picture blog This Is Why You're Fat.
[syndicated profile] wtf_nature_feed – For Livejournal's [ profile] wtf_nature. Updates have slowed down because it seems that moderation has slowed, but it still updates about once a week and provides some of the best "WTF, NATURE!" moments I've had. :P
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[syndicated profile] green_prophet_feed
From their website: "Green Prophet is an environment news and destination site reporting on Israel and the Middle East."

[syndicated profile] nedroidcomics_feed
Nedroid Comics on LJ.

[syndicated profile] whatclaudiawore_feed
"a look into the closet of Stoneybrook's most fashion-forward babysitter."
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Hi Dreamwidth! I made some feeds in the effort to port my friends page over here, and thought you guys might like them.

[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed: Hilariously terrible professionally-made cakes.

[syndicated profile] indexed_feed: Thought-provoking diagrams on index cards.

[syndicated profile] lifehacker_feed: Tips and tricks, many of them tech-related.

[syndicated profile] photoshop_disasters_feed: Really bad professional photoshopping.
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Smart Stuff:

[syndicated profile] aichildlit_feed - Critical reviews of presentation of Native Americans in children's literature

[syndicated profile] shapelyprose_feed - Kate Harding's Shapely Prose, "humorless feminism and fat acceptance." By "humorless," she actually means "hilarious."

Funny Stuff:

[syndicated profile] chaucerblog_feed - Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

[syndicated profile] irregularcomic_feed - Irregular Webcomic. Various intertwined Lego adventures.

[syndicated profile] somethingpositive_feed - Something Positive (okay, it's not that funny)

[syndicated profile] theonion_feed - The Onion

Historical Stuff:

[syndicated profile] bibliodyssey_feed - Gorgeous images from historical books (mostly Renaissance)

[syndicated profile] medievalstuff_feed - Medieval Material Culture Blog, frequently updated with news articles and information about exhibits relating to medieval and Renaissance material culture ("stuff").

[syndicated profile] paternosters_feed - Geeky stuff about the history and making of paternosters.

Cute Stuff:

[syndicated profile] cuteoverload_feed - Yes, the comments are often a bit dramatic, but the animals are still cute!
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To start with, an easy way to check what other people are following...

And a few favourites of my own...

[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed: Just like everyone else, I need my XKCD.

[syndicated profile] yarn_harlot_feed: Really useful if you love knitting, and hilarious and wonderful even if you don't.

[syndicated profile] thesartorialist_feed: Cool clothes, even more interesting people. Every photo could spark a short story.

[syndicated profile] dreamwidth_alerts_feed: Find out what people are saying about Dreamwidth! All the meta meta your heart desires.

[syndicated profile] slacktivist_feed: Hilarious sporking of the "Left Behind" series, plus intelligent discussion of progressive theology and social justice issues.
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[syndicated profile] apod_feed: Astronomy Picture of the Day, from NASA. I have a screensaver made of images I downloaded from this feed. I call it my space porn screensaver. Celestial bodies are pretty.

[syndicated profile] graphjam_feed: User-generated graphs regarding the silly things in our lives. I am easily amused?

[syndicated profile] hathorlegacy_feed: The Hathor Legacy is an awesome feminist blog that talks about female character in our media and how there should be more of them and they should be more awesome. Dear Hollywood: Have you heard of the Bechdel test? Please to be passing it more often.

[syndicated profile] sociological_images_feed: Seeing is Believing, the sociological images blog. They post all kinds of images from advertising, magazines, news, everywhere, and talk about what it says about our society and culture.

[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed: XKCD is my favorite comic on the face of the planet. Official tagline is "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." I maintain that there is an XKCD quote for every occasion. If you've never seen this comic before, there's little in the way of story arc or continuous character to it, so you can start anywhere and read randomly. Be sure to mouseover and read the alt tag on the image, there's always an extra punchline too.


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