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I've started a dreamwidth feed for my sprite comic FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! at [syndicated profile] f4e_feed

One is out for revenge.
One guards a cursed treasure.
One resurrects the minions of Doom.
One turns cranks needlessly. They are... FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!
A bunch of video game monsters acting like innocent 12 year olds

[syndicated profile] f4e_feed
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To add to the [syndicated profile] giveawayofthday_feed that's already been created, I've just created [syndicated profile] gamegiveawayoftheday_feed 

From the site's 'about' section:

The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads; but only we offer giveaway downloads. What does that mean?

Basically, every day we nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) and that software will be absolutely free. That means - not a trial, not a limited version - but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors*.

The software product will be presented in its full functionality, without any limitations save for those mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

The download link will remain on our web-site for the agreed period of time, together with the review of the software product and the information about other products from the software publisher presenting the giveaway title.

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I created a feed for WoW Insider, "news, analysis and opinion from inside the World of Warcraft".

[syndicated profile] wowinsider_feed

This feed is for everthing posted on the site. If you're only interested in a few specific features or news categories you can find a full list here and make a suitable feed selection of your own.


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