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Hi! I created two feeds recently: Stuff you missed in history class.

These are 10-15 minute long podcasts on various and eclectic subjects such as Michelangelo, the Medici, the history of Vaudeville.

And Twitter updates from The Onion, a mock newspaper.

If you subscribe to this, don't click on the Twitter URLs, but the 2nd URL beneath those. A few samples: Exhibitionist Zoo Elephants Waiting For Crowd To Gather Before Screwing (picture); Mean Scientists Dash Hopes Of Life On Mars (article); Taco Bell's Five Ingredients Combined In Totally New Way (audio)
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[syndicated profile] heyoscarwilde_feed showcases different artists' interpretations of literary characters, authors, and so on. Some examples I think are pretty neat include Edgar Allan Poe by Nathan Stapley, Rod Serling by Scott Campbell, and Lord of the Flies by Sam Weber.

It's pretty cool, you should probably check it out.
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[syndicated profile] beatonna_feed:
A feed for the LiveJournal of Hark! A Vagrant, an online collection of history-related comics by Kate Beaton. The LiveJournal includes not only updates with comics from Beaton but a few general posts about history, writing comics, and life, as well as recs for other great comics found online.

[syndicated profile] oz_big_bang_feed:
This is a feed for the LJ community [ profile] oz_big_bang. The community describes itself as "a project where a bunch of crazy people write a minimum of 25,000 words, and another bunch of crazy people get to create artwork to go with them." This year is Oz fandom's first big bang so please follow if you're interested.
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[syndicated profile] nickelinthemachine_feed: Only my favorite blog ever. If you like history, London, photography, pop music, popular culture or scandalous anecdotes, you need to subscribe to this. If you don't like any of those things, you might need to try it anyway.

[syndicated profile] 538_feed: Politics. Charts. Analysis. It was addictive during the US elections and is still remarkably good now.

[syndicated profile] torque_control_feed: Vector, the journal of the British Science Fiction Association, keeps you up to date with the world of SF and offers some great analysis along the way.

[syndicated profile] fmh_feed: Feminist Mormon Housewives. I'm not Mormon or a housewife, but one out of three ain't bad. They have great discussions on religion and women's issues.
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Smart Stuff:

[syndicated profile] aichildlit_feed - Critical reviews of presentation of Native Americans in children's literature

[syndicated profile] shapelyprose_feed - Kate Harding's Shapely Prose, "humorless feminism and fat acceptance." By "humorless," she actually means "hilarious."

Funny Stuff:

[syndicated profile] chaucerblog_feed - Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

[syndicated profile] irregularcomic_feed - Irregular Webcomic. Various intertwined Lego adventures.

[syndicated profile] somethingpositive_feed - Something Positive (okay, it's not that funny)

[syndicated profile] theonion_feed - The Onion

Historical Stuff:

[syndicated profile] bibliodyssey_feed - Gorgeous images from historical books (mostly Renaissance)

[syndicated profile] medievalstuff_feed - Medieval Material Culture Blog, frequently updated with news articles and information about exhibits relating to medieval and Renaissance material culture ("stuff").

[syndicated profile] paternosters_feed - Geeky stuff about the history and making of paternosters.

Cute Stuff:

[syndicated profile] cuteoverload_feed - Yes, the comments are often a bit dramatic, but the animals are still cute!


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