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[syndicated profile] heidiwaterhouse_feed is Heidi Waterhouse's feed (she's also known as [ profile] wiredferret and [ profile] agilecrafting). She's a technical writer, developer advocate, sf/f fan, crafter, public speaker, feminist, and parent whose thoughts on all of these topics are always worth reading.
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[syndicated profile] artmind_feed -- Belgian artist blogging about her own work (ceramics and felt) with a lot of insight into her work process and tutorials on a variety of crafts.
[syndicated profile] ravenhill_feed -- American crafter blogging about her work, her family and living in Oslo, Norway.
[syndicated profile] creativity_inspired_feed -- Canadian jewellery designer blogging about her own work and inspiration in general.
[syndicated profile] for_you_designs_feed -- Australian jewellery designer blogging about the design process and her own work.
[syndicated profile] treefalldesign_feed -- UK crafter blogging about her work, her family and design in general.
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Hi Dreamwidth! I made some feeds in the effort to port my friends page over here, and thought you guys might like them.

[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed: Hilariously terrible professionally-made cakes.

[syndicated profile] indexed_feed: Thought-provoking diagrams on index cards.

[syndicated profile] lifehacker_feed: Tips and tricks, many of them tech-related.

[syndicated profile] photoshop_disasters_feed: Really bad professional photoshopping.
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I created some feeds! Three things I need to have on my reading page:

[syndicated profile] g_minus_g_feed is the feed for the hilarious "Garfield Minus Garfield" webcomic.

[syndicated profile] supereffective_comic_feed is the feed for the Pokemon parody webcomic "Super Effective".

[syndicated profile] con_paneity_feed is [ profile] eponis's excellent recipe blog (with a side of geek).
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If you use Firefox, and want an easier way to add feeds to your Dreamwidth Read page, check out these simple steps. Follow them once to set things up, then all you have to do is click the feed icon in the address bar to add the feed to Dreamwidth.


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