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tomato_nation_feed -- Tomato Nation, Sarah Bunting's blog (Sars, formerly of TWoP before the Bravo buyout). Books/tv/movie reviews, baseball, cats, and a kickass weekly advice column.

tn_comments_feed -- The comments are pretty active, and are at least half the fun (especially on the advice columns).
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I just created feeds for two webcomics I'm fond of, and I thought I'd share.

[syndicated profile] mediumlarge_feed is Medium-Large, the webcomic side project of Ces Marciuliano, aka That Guy Who Draws Sally Forth. It updates Monday through Friday and often skewers established newspaper comic strips and politics.

[syndicated profile] americanelf_feed is American Elf, James Kochalka's comic strip diary. It updates every day, and each comic is something that happened to him that day.

eta: While we're at it, [syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed is Snowflakes, an all-ages webcomic set in an orphanage set in the Andes mountains. It's a little ridiculous but a little fun, too, and updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Feed dump!

Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:24 am
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[syndicated profile] absolutepunk_feed
News feed for the music forum

[syndicated profile] angry_asian_man_feed
Feed for the Angry Asian Man, which discusses racism and appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture.

[syndicated profile] astoundingsounds_feed
An awesome music upload blog. (Obviously, if you are able to, support the artists you like by buying their stuff.)

[syndicated profile] feministe_feed
Feed for the Feministe blog.

[syndicated profile] keltiecolleen_feed
Feed for the blog of dancer Keltie Colleen.

[syndicated profile] mattdoyle_feed
Feed for the blog of Matt Doyle, who you may know from the play Spring Awakening and his role on Gossip Girl as Jonathan, Eric's boyfriend.

[syndicated profile] rarebirdfinds_feed
Shopping blog for unique gifts.

[syndicated profile] williambeckett_feed
Blog of The Academy Is...'s lead singer William Beckett.
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To start with, an easy way to check what other people are following...

And a few favourites of my own...

[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed: Just like everyone else, I need my XKCD.

[syndicated profile] yarn_harlot_feed: Really useful if you love knitting, and hilarious and wonderful even if you don't.

[syndicated profile] thesartorialist_feed: Cool clothes, even more interesting people. Every photo could spark a short story.

[syndicated profile] dreamwidth_alerts_feed: Find out what people are saying about Dreamwidth! All the meta meta your heart desires.

[syndicated profile] slacktivist_feed: Hilarious sporking of the "Left Behind" series, plus intelligent discussion of progressive theology and social justice issues.


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