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[syndicated profile] toomanysebastians_feed

"Too Many Sebastians is a music blog that was formed around August 2007 run by one boy (English) and one girl (Japanese). It’s been featured on the likes of XLR8R, Rolling Stone, Boys Noize Records and probably some other credible websites."

If you're interested in the electro scene, free music tracks, and exclusive remixes, this is a good music blog to plug into. I have found a lot of interesting electronic music through them. Unfortunately the soundcloud plugins aren't fully compatible on DW (yet) so you may have to go to the specific page to check out the track. Please enjoy!

Band feeds

Apr. 7th, 2010 06:11 pm
turlough: Gerard Way, onstage, World Contamination tour in Europe, Oct-Nov 2010 ((mcr) you're in time for the show)
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A bunch of band feeds that I've created, either recently or some time ago.

[syndicated profile] frank_twitters_feed - the Twitter acount of Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] gerard_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance (seldom used)
[syndicated profile] mikey_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] ray_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Ray Toro, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] mcrofficial_twitters_feed - the official My Chemical Romance Twitter account
[syndicated profile] mcr_blog_feed - the My Chemical Romance blog

[syndicated profile] theused_twitters_feed - the twitter account of Jepha Howard, the Used

[syndicated profile] gabestwitter_feed - the twitter account of Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship
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A variety of feeds that I've made over the last few months (at least, I'm pretty sure I made all these--if not, I do at least think they're good!):

[syndicated profile] judge_a_book_feed - Judge A Book By Its Cover collects terrible book covers and snarks them.
[syndicated profile] queryshark_feed - The Query Shark reads query letters for people interested in submitting manuscripts to publishers and notes what's wrong with them. Very useful and entertaining.
[syndicated profile] trappedintheattic_feed - Trapped in the Attic mocks V.C. Andrews books in an almost frighteningly detailed way. Author is on hiatus but coming back soon, and in the meantime, archives include a complete snark of My Sweet Audrina.

[syndicated profile] amazingspiderads_feed - The Amazing Spider-Ads blog, collecting ads that ran in Marvel Comics over the years.
[syndicated profile] scottmeetsfamcircus_feed - Scott Meets Family Circus, an occasionally-updated collection of Family Circus comics with extra panels including the titular Scott.
[syndicated profile] snowflakes_feed - Snowflakes, a M-W-F comic strip about orphans. Enjoyable for all ages.

Et cetera
[syndicated profile] awkward_boners_feed - Awkward Boners, a blog specializing in pictures of cocks in inopportune places. Not entirely work-safe, though penises are always covered by some kind of fabric.
[syndicated profile] babynamewizard_feed - The blog of Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard (which is basically the best new thing to come out for names in the entirety of the last decade). Good discussion of names and American society; would definitely recommend glancing at it if you're interested in either subject.
[syndicated profile] coverlaydown_feed - Cover song downloads, all by folk artists. Tends to be interesting, updates regularly.
[syndicated profile] tackyweddings_feed - Tacky Weddings shows off pictures of--well, tacky weddings. Hasn't updated for a bit, but always a treat when it does.
turlough: My Chemical Romance snuggling, NME photoshoot, October 2010 ((mcr) my downward spiral continues)
[personal profile] turlough
I've just created feeds of all the My Chemical Romance guys's twitters:

[syndicated profile] gerard_twitters_feed
[syndicated profile] bob_twitters_feed
[syndicated profile] frank_twitters_feed
[syndicated profile] mikey_twitters_feed
[syndicated profile] ray_twitters_feed

Someone else has already created a feed of their blogs:

[syndicated profile] mcr_blog_feed
jom: baseball dude's wussface (work)
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Made a feed for the news page from the official website of the band Margot & the Nukes.
[syndicated profile] margotnuclearnews_feed

I don't go on myspace, so I made a feed of their blog in there too.
[syndicated profile] margotnuclearblog_feed
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No, they don't all walk into a bar. Well, not together anyway. Just sharing more feeds I created recently.

[syndicated profile] adamduritz_blog_feed Musician Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) has a blog. For those following my recent confusion about how to get this into a feed, he crossposts entries to his myspace, so the feed comes from there and not the Crows' web site.

[syndicated profile] ambertamblyn_blog_feed Actor Amber Tamblyn's blog (from her myspace).

[syndicated profile] andysword_feed Writer, sociologist and Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Andrew M. Greeley's blog, which is mostly syndication of his weekly column (covering politics and religion). At the moment, however, it is fan posts of prayers and well wishes since Fr. Greeley is ill. Hopefully, he'll be writing again himself soon.

[syndicated profile] bradfordandersonblog_feed Actor Bradford Anderson's blog (from his myspace).

[syndicated profile] margaretcho_blog_feed Comedian and activist (etc.) Margaret Cho's blog. The news page of her site doesn't seem to be set up for a feed, but the blog is.

[syndicated profile] nickhornby_blog_feed Writer Nick Hornby's blog.

[syndicated profile] sutterink_blog_feed Television writer and actor Kurt Sutter's blog.

[syndicated profile] pattinsonanonymous_feed Fan blog devoted to clearing up rumors about actor and musician Robert Pattinson.

Feed dump!

Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:24 am
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[syndicated profile] absolutepunk_feed
News feed for the music forum absolutepunk.net.

[syndicated profile] angry_asian_man_feed
Feed for the Angry Asian Man, which discusses racism and appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture.

[syndicated profile] astoundingsounds_feed
An awesome music upload blog. (Obviously, if you are able to, support the artists you like by buying their stuff.)

[syndicated profile] feministe_feed
Feed for the Feministe blog.

[syndicated profile] keltiecolleen_feed
Feed for the blog of dancer Keltie Colleen.

[syndicated profile] mattdoyle_feed
Feed for the blog of Matt Doyle, who you may know from the play Spring Awakening and his role on Gossip Girl as Jonathan, Eric's boyfriend.

[syndicated profile] rarebirdfinds_feed
Shopping blog for unique gifts.

[syndicated profile] williambeckett_feed
Blog of The Academy Is...'s lead singer William Beckett.
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[syndicated profile] ficekblog_feed Adam Ficek's blog. (Musician. Roses Kings Castles and Babyshambles.)

[syndicated profile] lazyeyemanagement_feed One of Babyshambles' managers keeps a blog.

[syndicated profile] landofdreamers_lj_feed LJ fan community for Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster. (All musicians.)

[syndicated profile] robsessedpattinson_feed Fan blog about Robert Pattinson. (Actor, musician.)

[syndicated profile] dptband_lj_feed LJ fan community for the band Dirty Pretty Things.
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[syndicated profile] nickelinthemachine_feed: Only my favorite blog ever. If you like history, London, photography, pop music, popular culture or scandalous anecdotes, you need to subscribe to this. If you don't like any of those things, you might need to try it anyway.

[syndicated profile] 538_feed: Politics. Charts. Analysis. It was addictive during the US elections and is still remarkably good now.

[syndicated profile] torque_control_feed: Vector, the journal of the British Science Fiction Association, keeps you up to date with the world of SF and offers some great analysis along the way.

[syndicated profile] fmh_feed: Feminist Mormon Housewives. I'm not Mormon or a housewife, but one out of three ain't bad. They have great discussions on religion and women's issues.
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[syndicated profile] gda_feed Updates from Green Day Authority, fan site for the band Green Day.

[syndicated profile] countingcrowsnews_feed Updates from the band's official site. (The band being Counting Crows in this case.)

I wanted to also add a feed straight from Adam Duritz' blog, but it didn't work. (It was the same as the official news one.) I suppose they have to allow such things on their side, right? So, if it doesn't work, it can't be done? I dunno. Do any of you? lol

ETA: One more!

[syndicated profile] green_day_feed Updates from GreenDay.com, the band's official site.


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