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If you're interested in desi stuff (sourcelander and/or diaspora):

* [syndicated profile] aerogram_feed: The Aerogram is "a curated take on South Asian art, literature, life and news".
* [syndicated profile] caravanmagazine_feed: The Caravan is an Indian news magazine focusing on long-form narrative journalism.
* [syndicated profile] chapatimystery_feed: Chapati Mystery is a sometimes-group academic blog focusing on South Asian studies.

Scifi/fantasy magazines:

* [syndicated profile] strangehorizons_all_feed: Strange Horizons
* [syndicated profile] mithilareview_feed: Mithila Review
* [syndicated profile] luna_station_mag_feed: Luna Station Quarterly
* [syndicated profile] expandedhorizons_feed: Expanded Horizons

Scifi/fantasy authors:

* [syndicated profile] jo_walton_blog_feed: Jo Walton, known for the "Small Change" series (starting with Farthing), My Real Children, Among Others, and more
* [syndicated profile] ada_palmer_feed: "Ex Urbe" blog by Ada Palmer, known for the "Terra Ignota" series (starting with Too Like the Lightning), Renaissance history, music composition, and more. (It's also worth checking [syndicated profile] crooked_timber_feed because Crooked Timber has hosted book seminars on Palmer's and Walton's work)
* [syndicated profile] mamohanraj_feed: Mary Anne Mohanraj, known for co-founding Strange Horizons, for erotica, and for online and local activism, and more
* [syndicated profile] vajrachandrasekera_feed: Vajra Chandrasekera, known for "Applied Cenotaphics in the Long, Long Longitudes" and other stories, and for critical essays

Scifi/fantasy conventions/related:

* [syndicated profile] wisconblog_feed: WisCon, a feminist scifi convention
* [syndicated profile] con_or_bust_feed: Con or Bust, which helps fans of color get to cons

And: [syndicated profile] cooltools_feed: Cool Tools, a site where people recommend "any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true".
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I'm itching to see at least two more subscribers to the [syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed I created a few days ago. That's all it will take to get in the top 1000 feeds and be the only My Little Pony related feed in the top 1000. No My Little Pony feeds in the top 1000 on DreamWidth?! The horror!

[syndicated profile] my_little_pony_news_feed is a nice way to brighten up your reading page with breaking MLP news without being quite as frantic as Equestria Daily, so it shouldn't drown the rest of the contributions to your reading page. 8^)

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For those of you burning to know what's going on at UWO, here's the feed to the Western News paper (not to be confused with The Gazette)

[syndicated profile] uwo_western_news_feed

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Hi! I created two feeds recently: Stuff you missed in history class.

These are 10-15 minute long podcasts on various and eclectic subjects such as Michelangelo, the Medici, the history of Vaudeville.

And Twitter updates from The Onion, a mock newspaper.

If you subscribe to this, don't click on the Twitter URLs, but the 2nd URL beneath those. A few samples: Exhibitionist Zoo Elephants Waiting For Crowd To Gather Before Screwing (picture); Mean Scientists Dash Hopes Of Life On Mars (article); Taco Bell's Five Ingredients Combined In Totally New Way (audio)
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I created a feed for WoW Insider, "news, analysis and opinion from inside the World of Warcraft".

[syndicated profile] wowinsider_feed

This feed is for everthing posted on the site. If you're only interested in a few specific features or news categories you can find a full list here and make a suitable feed selection of your own.
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[syndicated profile] unfunnybusiness_feed: [ profile] unfunnybusiness (JF community) (Anyone interested in syndicating more JF comms?)

[syndicated profile] doonesbury_arcamax_feed: [ profile] doonesburyc Daily Doonesbury from the LJ comm

[syndicated profile] flickfilosopher_feed: The only movie reviewer blog you'll never need. Feminist, geek, fangirl: MaryAnn is awesome. (And she writes Doctor Who fanfic, though I can't vouch as I haven't read it.)

[syndicated profile] johnhawksweblog_feed: Palaeoanthropology and evolution.

[syndicated profile] schlockmercenary_feed: Seriously, why aren't you reading this webcomic?
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creating these feeds was one of my first priorities upon joining dreamwidth!

[syndicated profile] pioneerwoman_feed; ree grew up a city girl and now blogs about life on a ranch with her marlboro man and four kids. beautiful photography.

[syndicated profile] io9_feed; strung out on science fiction, oi9 is the nerd's newsblog.

[syndicated profile] jezebel_feed; celebrity, sex, fashion for women, jezebel is the feminist's newsblog.

[syndicated profile] whedonesque_feed; the go-to for news about joss whedon and his works. joss & co. occasionally comment here.


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