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[syndicated profile] heidiwaterhouse_feed is Heidi Waterhouse's feed (she's also known as [ profile] wiredferret and [ profile] agilecrafting). She's a technical writer, developer advocate, sf/f fan, crafter, public speaker, feminist, and parent whose thoughts on all of these topics are always worth reading.
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[syndicated profile] artmind_feed -- Belgian artist blogging about her own work (ceramics and felt) with a lot of insight into her work process and tutorials on a variety of crafts.
[syndicated profile] ravenhill_feed -- American crafter blogging about her work, her family and living in Oslo, Norway.
[syndicated profile] creativity_inspired_feed -- Canadian jewellery designer blogging about her own work and inspiration in general.
[syndicated profile] for_you_designs_feed -- Australian jewellery designer blogging about the design process and her own work.
[syndicated profile] treefalldesign_feed -- UK crafter blogging about her work, her family and design in general.
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To start with, an easy way to check what other people are following...

And a few favourites of my own...

[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed: Just like everyone else, I need my XKCD.

[syndicated profile] yarn_harlot_feed: Really useful if you love knitting, and hilarious and wonderful even if you don't.

[syndicated profile] thesartorialist_feed: Cool clothes, even more interesting people. Every photo could spark a short story.

[syndicated profile] dreamwidth_alerts_feed: Find out what people are saying about Dreamwidth! All the meta meta your heart desires.

[syndicated profile] slacktivist_feed: Hilarious sporking of the "Left Behind" series, plus intelligent discussion of progressive theology and social justice issues.


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