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[syndicated profile] copenhagenize_com_feed
"Bringing Copenhagen Bicycle Culture to the world. In city councils around the world they speak of 'Copenhagenizing' their streets to accomodate bikes. Here in the Danish capital, it's just a way of life, as the photos and blog entries will highlight. Bike advocacy, inspiration, passion, opinions and inconvenient truths."

An interesting intersection between bicycle advocacy and urban planning.
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[syndicated profile] toomanysebastians_feed

"Too Many Sebastians is a music blog that was formed around August 2007 run by one boy (English) and one girl (Japanese). It’s been featured on the likes of XLR8R, Rolling Stone, Boys Noize Records and probably some other credible websites."

If you're interested in the electro scene, free music tracks, and exclusive remixes, this is a good music blog to plug into. I have found a lot of interesting electronic music through them. Unfortunately the soundcloud plugins aren't fully compatible on DW (yet) so you may have to go to the specific page to check out the track. Please enjoy!
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[syndicated profile] smugmug_feed  is a blog about the photo community SmugMug. 

It may not be of interest to non-members, but the blog has lots of entries about photography rather than the site itself, so check it out and see if you find it helpful.

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 [syndicated profile] bjdcollectasy_feed 
Gives news on new dolls, doll sales, etc (bjds, dollfies, etc)

[syndicated profile] denofangels_news_feed 
News from the bjd/dollfie news forum of Den of Angels

[syndicated profile] lj_writersblock_feed 
LJ writersblock question of the day so you can see it over here

[syndicated profile] vh1_bestweekever_feed 
Feed from VH1 Bestweekever
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[syndicated profile] blackandwtf_feed 

Your source for really strange black & white photos.


Feb. 12th, 2011 07:37 am
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[syndicated profile] drawn_feed is your daily source of inspiration for illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art. Recently Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant ([syndicated profile] beatonna_feed) signal-boosted it.
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I've started a dreamwidth feed for my sprite comic FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! at [syndicated profile] f4e_feed

One is out for revenge.
One guards a cursed treasure.
One resurrects the minions of Doom.
One turns cranks needlessly. They are... FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!
A bunch of video game monsters acting like innocent 12 year olds

[syndicated profile] f4e_feed
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I've created a feed for Stephen's better half, Edna: http://mrsstephenfry-feed.dreamwidth.org/profile

Excerpt from Edna's Twitter bio: Edna Fry - Stephen's poor, downtrodden wife & mother of his five, six or possibly seven kids.

Link to her Twitter page: http://twitter.com/MrsStephenFry
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For those of you burning to know what's going on at UWO, here's the feed to the Western News paper (not to be confused with The Gazette)

[syndicated profile] uwo_western_news_feed

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[syndicated profile] fuckyouverymuch_feed
"Two friends from Copenhagen living apart on two different continents. This is their candid, visual diary." (NSFW)
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[syndicated profile] 6thdoctor_colinbaker_feed 
A feed from the blog of Colin Baker AKA the Sixth Doctor.  Updated sporadically.

[syndicated profile] colinbaker_opinion_feed 
A feed from the weekly opinion column penned by Colin Baker (AKA the Sixth Doctor).

[syndicated profile] bookwormsworld_feed 
Luanne reads books.  Lots of books.  Then she blogs about them.  She blogs about so many of them, that publishers provide her with books to give away to her readers.  Lots of books.

[syndicated profile] michaelgeistsblog_feed 
A feed from the blog of Michael Geist, Canadian lawyer, and expert on copyright.

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[syndicated profile] psych_news_feed is the new feed for the LJ community [livejournal.com profile] psych_news. Devoted to compiling all Psych fandom activity (fics, art, vids, recs, news, reviews, etc), the newsletter comes out every Wednesday and Sunday. Get all your favorite Psych news from the comfort of your DW reading page!

(Mods, can I get a Psych tag?)
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... created for Tumblr accounts:

[syndicated profile] fy_robins_feed: "Robin: Making Batman Look Good Since 1940." Fuck Yeah, Robins! posts scans, fanart, and official art about any of Batman's Robin sidekicks (i.e. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, and Carrie Kelly).

[syndicated profile] eyesmightbite_feed: New. Eyes Might Bite is dedicated to the Corinthian, from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics (and its spin-offs). Posts scans, quotes, general info, fan art, and fic links.
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My longtime friend Steve in England takes the most beautiful photographs of nature. He is entirely self-taught. I have made an rss syndication journal here at Dreamwidth for anyone who would like to subscribe to it to view Steve's latest uploads to his Flickr. He has been pretty active lately. The BBC even chose him for one of their features! :) The feed is located here:

[syndicated profile] carnagevisors_feed

You can see what it looks like in action by clicking on my reading page

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I just created a feed for Tree Lobsters (you can't prove they don't exist) at
It typically updates every three days.
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Hi! I created two feeds recently:

http://historyclassstuff-feed.dreamwidth.org/profile: Stuff you missed in history class.

These are 10-15 minute long podcasts on various and eclectic subjects such as Michelangelo, the Medici, the history of Vaudeville.

And http://the-onion-feed.dreamwidth.org/profile: Twitter updates from The Onion, a mock newspaper.

If you subscribe to this, don't click on the Twitter URLs, but the 2nd URL beneath those. A few samples: Exhibitionist Zoo Elephants Waiting For Crowd To Gather Before Screwing (picture); Mean Scientists Dash Hopes Of Life On Mars (article); Taco Bell's Five Ingredients Combined In Totally New Way (audio)

Band feeds

Apr. 7th, 2010 06:11 pm
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A bunch of band feeds that I've created, either recently or some time ago.

[syndicated profile] frank_twitters_feed - the Twitter acount of Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] gerard_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance (seldom used)
[syndicated profile] mikey_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Mikey Way, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] ray_twitters_feed - the Twitter account of Ray Toro, My Chemical Romance
[syndicated profile] mcrofficial_twitters_feed - the official My Chemical Romance Twitter account
[syndicated profile] mcr_blog_feed - the My Chemical Romance blog

[syndicated profile] theused_twitters_feed - the twitter account of Jepha Howard, the Used

[syndicated profile] gabestwitter_feed - the twitter account of Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship
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[syndicated profile] goodshowsir_feed - Good Show, Sir, a collection of bad sci-fi/fantasy book covers found in second-hand bookshops, with snarky commentary.


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